Which comments by Thorzdad were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-21What are the best features to have in a newer (2015+) car?
2016-12-06Can you please recommend some new podcasts for me?
2016-08-06Is there a best shape for progressive (varifocal) glasses?
2016-07-31Old car, new (Bluetooth) tricks? Help me get my groove on.
2016-07-15All out of jokes
2016-07-13What to do in San Francisco with a 17-year-old girl?
2016-07-12What trivia should I learn?
2016-07-03First serious health scare of adulthood - how to cope?
2016-06-02Where to find a good semi-formal jacket?
2016-05-01Should I bring up an issue of listening skills after one date?
2016-04-09Liquid coming out of tankless water heater's condensate drain line?
2016-04-07What's the point of a paper if nobody can read?
2016-04-05Obscure or antiquated place Nicknames
2016-03-18App about birds?
2016-03-17roof regrets?
2016-03-13Gaslighting or Alzheimer’s?
2016-03-07New Car Smell: Only Great in Theory
2016-02-27What to pair with pumpernickel?
2016-02-03Looking to make life as a big person dealing with chronic pain easier
2016-01-16Patent Nude Heels Wishes To Be Silver For One Day