Which comments by Thorzdad were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-07-10Can I trust the oil monitor in my car?
2020-06-06What should I do with all these veggie-sausage breakfast patties?
2020-05-25I swear I started this channel way before COVID
2020-05-05Yet another sharing-an-iPad question
2020-04-28What are some non-obvious ways that people WFH cause stress on others?
2020-04-21Dusty Garage Springfield
2020-04-09How to express a noise/subwoofer concern?
2020-04-09Will I like a rotary lawn mower?
2020-04-06Pork butt in the house!
2020-03-31Who will sue over COVID, after COVID?
2020-02-26Where to find sidewall registers that stick out?
2020-02-18Solar power or home repairs?
2020-02-12Carpet cleaning?