Which comments by Thorzdad were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-15What was wrong with this wine? or What was wrong with me?
2021-12-05Help us plan 24-48 hours in Chicago
2021-11-27Best way to evict a chipmunk?
2021-11-08Introduce me to more 21st-century music
2021-10-02Sooo pro-mask, yet I didn’t wear one during my haircut yesterday
2021-09-15Streaming from my old Mac to non-smart TV in Australia
2021-09-08Microphone for iPhone
2021-08-25Weird fumbling feeling in my fingertips when I play guitar with a pick.
2021-08-23Pimp my TV please: Better YouTube edition!
2021-08-18Should I hand-write my memoir or type it? -- but in WHICH font?
2021-08-03Restoring Wordpress - i keep running into issues
2021-07-21Recommend a Forum Platform
2021-07-20Library book with potentially valuable author's signature
2021-06-02Valtaren PRN?
2021-04-25What's going on with these identical websites?
2021-01-16What is going on with my digestive system?