Which comments by Thorzdad were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-29I'll take used cars for $6,000, Alex
2022-12-10Sigh, this doesn't suck
2022-11-11How to support someone who is dying
2022-11-09why wouldn't my doctor provide a prior authorization?
2022-10-08Best clear coat in the sun
2022-09-04Good Music That Just Totally Rips Off the Beatles?
2022-08-31Other driver's insurance dragging their feet on paying for damage
2022-05-26Questions about The Peripheral by Wm. Gibson (part 2)
2022-05-03What is the most charming beach town you've ever been to in Mexico?
2022-04-25No nonstick pan; what to do instead?
2022-02-18Light and escapist sci-fi novel suggestions?
2022-02-12The Almost Technologies (ancient to ~1940s)
2022-01-19Please, just a yes or no answer.
2022-01-10Men: How has your sex drive changed over the last decade?