Which comments by Stacey were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-10-22Family distancing in a time of Coronavirus
2020-08-11What to ask/negotiate/discuss after receiving a job offer?
2020-07-27Hiring an institutional geologist for private risk assessment?
2020-07-24Snowflakes need help managing heat and humidity
2020-06-26Abusive/addict :..sit down talk...am I being unrealistic?
2020-05-27bralettes for rack of doom
2020-05-15We don't see eye to eye, or hear ear to ear
2020-05-01When will large events (25+) be held again?
2020-04-29How do I help my spouse keep up our home internet setup after I die?
2020-04-16How to not obsess over coworker dynamic?
2020-04-01Travel to care for potentially sick parent?
2020-03-21Physical distancing within an intentional community
2020-03-20Cat has watery eye; go to the vet now or wait?
2020-03-07Sadness that my feminist organization switched to helping men