Which comments by Stacey were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-31How long do PCB fabs take to deliver?
2022-12-18Are there accessible careers that aren't stressful and that pay well?
2022-12-06falling out of love the wrong way
2022-11-24When do I get my covid booster?
2022-11-22I need a good keratosis pilaris treatment, but...
2022-11-17Cozy Mouse By Fireplace
2022-11-14What is the correct thing to do after mistakenly misgendering someone?
2022-11-11Friend's birthday miscommunication, or something deeper?
2022-11-05Am I crazy for even considering this career change?
2022-10-29A Smartwatch that isn't too smart
2022-10-24awkward email time
2022-10-22Buying in an older condo building
2022-10-07How do I ask about this without making people feel judged?
2022-08-28birthdays summon ghosts of the past
2022-08-24Tipping etiquette if price is based on stylist level and hair length?
2022-08-19feeling stupid, how to reframe this
2022-08-18"Any problem with application forms, etc., asking for ""telephone number""?"
2022-08-10Kobo for library ebooks?
2022-08-06Hope me! Sick spouse and relationship edition
2022-07-10Maryland libraries and ebooks
2022-07-01Covid risk after negative test
2022-06-22Help me navigate this slightly tricky friendship-moment
2022-05-15I need input on how to handle a comment from my partner
2022-05-03Google docs without gmail?
2022-04-28jealousy, jealousy
2022-04-16Birthday brush-off, also half-connected family
2022-04-08"What songs sound just like ""One Night in Bangkok?"""
2022-04-05Cope with moody spouse
2022-04-05Cope with moody spouse
2022-04-05team bios at work
2022-03-21Another COVID Gut-Check Ask
2022-03-12Self-care advice in a time of someone-else's crisis
2022-01-18So I guess this is growing up
2022-01-16Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF
2022-01-03What does Ashkenazi Jewish mean to you?