Which comments by kapers were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-19How much of yourself do you show to your coworkers?
2016-10-04What do cats want... in water?
2016-09-30Why are religious kids and teens so well behaved and... chill?
2016-09-12What does cilantro taste like?
2016-09-10What kinds of pot use are healthy, appropriate, and respectful?
2016-08-05I already bought a plane ticket. Should I take an 8-hr bus instead?
2016-08-02Examples of being considerate/caring?
2016-08-01Sexsomnia and Body Policing
2016-08-01Sexsomnia and Body Policing
2016-08-01Sexsomnia and Body Policing
2016-07-30Should I go on a trip with my relatively new partner?
2016-06-24Do you and your SO sleep in separate beds but still get along?
2016-06-24What do French women actually eat?
2016-05-10I need to replace Diet Coke... but with what?
2016-05-08Can I still use these? Tampon edition.
2016-05-05Recharging the Battery
2016-05-04How to deal with bumping into a stalker-y former friend in public?
2016-04-18So many choices!! How to handle
2016-04-13Help me avoid the WASP trap.
2016-03-28Could I ask out a girl on ride-shares like lyft without sounding weird?
2016-03-24Remove the Bite from my Crocs!
2016-01-20How do I maintain healthy boundaries? (grad school + work edition)
2016-01-05How is this a scam?