Which comments by Karaage were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-31How firm are the prices at a La-Z-Boy Gallery?
2016-12-21I want the stain *in* not out!
2016-12-11Items I need to drive across the country
2016-12-01Bathtub Overflow of my dreams
2016-11-10Fall colors near DC by public transportation?
2016-11-09Same sex couple in Kansas, marry now or in April?
2016-11-09Same sex couple in Kansas, marry now or in April?
2016-10-12APA help, or the most boring askme ever
2016-10-05What Do We Call the Lawyers Who Defend Lawyers?
2016-10-03Help me with vegan meal prep ideas
2016-08-29I would rather blow them up, but I'll settle for catching them on camera
2016-08-25Can I eat it filter: Wellshire Farms Bacon Bits and a summer night out
2016-08-24Offer for a house was informally accepted, now seller ghosting.
2016-08-23After the Dragon Age
2016-08-13fitting new range between counter tops
2016-08-03How do I propose a business trip to my boss?
2016-08-02Will this specific phone work well where I want it to?
2016-07-22Do I have to use my employer's HSA provider?
2016-07-16Should I keep my old journals?
2016-07-15Is cosmetic mole removal covered by insurance?
2016-07-15Is cosmetic mole removal covered by insurance?
2016-07-13This home guarded by ponies
2016-07-08Installing hardwood floors that aren't noisy
2016-07-06What else can I bake in a brie baker?
2016-06-29Can you help me get in touch with Airbnb by phone or live chat asap?
2016-06-27San Francisco - list of accidents available?
2016-06-21how do I shade?
2016-05-26Some stores accept ONLY chip cards?
2016-05-21Rent vs Buy: Rental Market is Bananas edition
2016-05-18Should I stay and help or should I go?
2016-04-26Leaving 1 year old for a week with grandparents, good or bad idea?
2016-04-24How do I talk to attractive people?
2016-03-28Any advice for family trip to D.C. in April?
2016-01-263D Printed Games Workshop Figures and the Law
2016-01-08Buying a shelf company: Should I even bother?
2016-01-02Can YOU solve the mystery of the missing soymilk maker manual?