Which comments by nebulawindphone were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-11-17Staying warm in a cold house
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2022-10-06How to protect myself if things go south after my partner moves in?
2022-08-25Delicious OTC Flammatory
2022-08-01unusual food combos
2022-07-31unusual food combos
2022-07-25More wholesome relaxation?
2022-07-04Visiting Guatemala City in November
2022-07-02Visiting Guatemala City in November
2022-06-29Metafilter Expats: How to live in a corrupt country?
2022-04-22ELI 5: How to not freak out this week.
2022-04-22ELI 5: How to not freak out this week.
2022-04-06What music comes next on my writing playlist?
2022-03-25How to talk to little kids about divorce
2022-03-04Books about queer/Trans pregnancy experience
2022-02-09Jobs for people with a lot of general skills but no specific experience
2022-01-29Can you make NFTs make sense to me?
2022-01-16Womens Clothing Sizes: WTF
2022-01-04Sports/family loyalties question
2022-01-03What does Ashkenazi Jewish mean to you?