Which comments by kschang were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-28How to build a quiet PC
2021-12-24Masks, masks, masks
2021-12-24This was a real Star Trek novel, wasn't it?
2021-12-23Should wages change when a part-time position becomes full-time?
2021-12-18Adding games to GeForce Now library - but painless?
2021-12-09Where can I find youthful shoes in adult sizes?
2021-12-06What is a good (the best?) Very Large Duffel Bag?
2021-11-30How do toy drives distribute gifts?
2021-11-29Switching from data science to software engineering at age 36
2021-11-27Reflective and stylish?
2021-11-25Professional Development Budget Recommendations - School Edition
2021-11-22Read my cat's mind
2021-11-18Get video stream from PetCube or Kasa Spot cameras without the cloud?
2021-11-18Get video stream from PetCube or Kasa Spot cameras without the cloud?
2021-11-17Help me understand GPay on android vs. Google Pay on desktop
2021-11-11iPhone 13 Pro case with hand strap (not wrist strap) and card slots
2021-11-03Remote jobs for OOL people
2021-11-03Etsy stores drop shipping non-handmade goods. Worth reporting?
2021-11-01Purchasing a hard sided cat crate in Frankfurt Airport?
2021-10-30Like a MOTU M4, but works with Windows?
2021-10-30Like a MOTU M4, but works with Windows?
2021-10-27Preserving rice water for hair: home chemistry edition
2021-10-22What caused this exciting bad event? What do I do about it?
2021-10-16I have no idea what these are...
2021-10-10Headset mic not working on exactly one computer
2021-10-07What we owe our parents - Taiwanese-American Edition
2021-09-24How much should I be concerned about this e-mail domain blacklist
2021-09-18Looking for info about 2-week sprint style management
2021-09-13Any chance to fix this phone?
2021-09-12Better Glasses - need them for my flying car!
2021-09-09What was the person who detached my license plate lights trying to do?
2021-09-08Ustedes / Vosotros
2021-09-08Microphone for iPhone
2021-09-08Microphone for iPhone
2021-09-02Boat Simulator
2021-08-28Trying to innoculate my parents against right-wing conspiracy theories
2021-08-25Aged relative + phone company = ARRGGH
2021-08-23Pimp my TV please: Better YouTube edition!
2021-08-18Day of the Port-ripper
2021-08-16Good non-powered noice cancelling headphones
2021-08-09What are some good f2p Android ccg?
2021-07-28How to deal with massive digital memory requirements while overseas
2021-07-28Hanging kitchen heat dividers, trying not to start a fire
2021-07-25My mom is sick, my phone is bricked, and FedEx is no help
2021-07-18Custom peel-and-stick vinyl borders?
2021-07-14How do you vent/gush about exciting info privately?
2021-07-07Too skilled for support, but not enough for engineering. What now?
2021-06-29Apartment Hacks: Storage and Organization
2021-06-21Can't do exhaust/welding repairs on hybrid vehicle?
2021-06-21One-Touch Type Battery can openers
2021-06-19Portable reminder gadget (smartwatch?) recommendations?
2021-06-122 person electric scooter? Socially acceptable?
2021-06-112 person electric scooter? Socially acceptable?
2021-06-09Quiet Gaming Laptops?
2021-06-09Is it pointless trying to prevent email harvesting on my website?
2021-06-06I think this a craigslist scam but what can I do to escape it?
2021-06-05background check question
2021-06-02Can I whitelist cookies from certain websites?
2021-05-24Casual cocaine user?
2021-05-12Can an old Android be used as just a phone?
2021-05-12Underwear tracking device for dementia patient?
2021-05-07Landlord offered to sell my apartment to me - questions!
2021-04-22Quick question about searching for a new laptop.
2021-04-21What strange things has your dog eaten?
2021-04-16Airfryer + Oil
2021-04-10Vaccines and variants (hope me)
2021-04-05Pan Am-iversary
2021-04-05Best program(s) for a complete beginner to compose music?
2021-04-04Fixing FM-band RFI from homebuilt desktop PC
2021-04-04How can a new immigrant build a network in Canada?
2021-04-01Getting a repair on a phone while I still need access to a phone?
2021-03-30How do I get my pup to stop obsessively licking other dogs' faces?
2021-03-26How can I get Google Assistant to stop talking back?
2021-03-26The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same...
2021-03-26The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same...
2021-03-23Looking for a good gift for my two nieces!
2021-03-23How do geneticists try to thwart racists from misusing their research?
2021-03-23Can I set up RSS on my made-by-hand blog?
2021-03-23"Experience getting an out-of-network provider ""preauthorized""?"
2021-03-21ISO: a light/mid-weight, absorbent, cotton bath towel ...
2021-03-17Decent all-purpose wired headset
2021-03-11What is the make and model of this muscle car?
2021-03-10Please help us renovate our tiny kitchen
2021-03-09Looking for a font
2021-03-06What to expect during a sleep study?
2021-03-05Why send a false website typo report?
2021-03-05Writing English that will be translated to Chinese
2021-03-04Emotional support for recent ADHD diagnosis
2021-03-02(Human) hair and washing machines
2021-03-01Baby shower gift. Difficulty level: witchy.
2021-02-28Fun uses for a NAS?
2021-02-25Easy to use programs to create searchable database
2021-02-24Adapter/dock to connect Surface Pro 4 to monitor, keyboard, mouse
2021-02-20bad fences make anxious neighbors
2021-02-11Lack dev exp, lack tech writer exp, at a loss as to what to do
2021-02-09Will you be my second opinion to Dr. Google Translate?
2021-02-07Should I buy a bread machine?
2021-02-04How do I explain getting fired / managed out
2021-02-03"Easy to use web cam for ""over the shoulder"" zoom painting demos ?"
2021-02-01Monitor madness
2021-02-01Recommend me a compact desktop PC or laptop for gaming & animation
2021-02-01Shoes for sore feet on concrete
2021-02-01Setting up community garden
2021-01-29Hello, what can I do with all this edamame?
2021-01-29Will I get a package that was sent to the wrong country?
2021-01-28How to hide my face in a Zoom call without causing a distraction?
2021-01-27Help me to throttle zoom and google meets?
2021-01-19Lowering blood pressure without medication
2021-01-14Lowering blood pressure without medication
2021-01-11Introducing a 10-week old kitten to the rest of the menagerie
2021-01-05Making life easier (for family) if something happens to me?
2021-01-03Are Review Site Rankings Real? Also, I need a laptop.
2021-01-01Best device for streaming from your computer to tv in [2021]?