Which comments by kschang were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-17Help me name my webinar series..
2022-12-10How To Use Stable Diffusion Models?
2022-11-26How do I set up this SSD as my boot disk on my PC?
2022-11-17Staying warm in a cold house
2022-11-11Zinc supplements for covid-19 recovery?
2022-10-24Me no know computer no more
2022-10-22Logistics of Book Scan
2022-10-10Can I keep my YouTube channel after my university account expires?
2022-10-03How do you fold laundry fast and efficiently?
2022-09-12 Find Me A Timer with Loud, Long Alarm & Huge, Bright Display
2022-09-05How to purchase US domestic airline tix for long distance family member?
2022-09-05How to purchase US domestic airline tix for long distance family member?
2022-08-31I want K9 to count down my mornings
2022-08-30What happens if you fail out of US Navy SEAL training?
2022-08-28PM 2.5/Ozone
2022-08-18"Any problem with application forms, etc., asking for ""telephone number""?"
2022-08-17How do I fix my email account?
2022-08-09Retrieving photos from my phone with a broken screen?
2022-08-04What's an appropriate, low key gift for a neighbor?
2022-08-03My pup is probably fine, right?
2022-08-03My pup is probably fine, right?
2022-07-29Ventless portable AC in New England? Get landlord to pay for hotel? Cry?
2022-07-27Motorised rotating phone/camera mount
2022-07-18Large backpack for remote/hybrid work
2022-07-17Smart plug for through-wall air conditioner
2022-07-16How to teach hustle
2022-07-13Lawn mower battery lifetime if diligently unplugged after charging?
2022-07-11iPhone switcheroo
2022-07-08Simplest/cheapest modem to link Comcast to Mesh
2022-06-22Where should I buy ebooks for my Kindle?
2022-06-21Showerhead is too high. Workaround?
2022-06-21Safe lifespan of a fiberglass and aluminum extension ladder
2022-06-21Focused Din
2022-06-21Cheese please
2022-06-21Which rental car/SUV has good space for suitcases? Like, 6 suitcases?
2022-06-17Ordering a computer when I won't be home to receive it.
2022-06-17Tips for building a shared gas fire pit
2022-06-13Pulpy military SF with awesome space battles
2022-06-10Sleep Number beds and 3rd party adjustable bedframes?
2022-06-08I've been scammed!
2022-06-06Replacement graphics cards
2022-06-02Can anyone cancel a cashier's check? Or only the person who ordered it?
2022-05-25Help me outsmart my smart clock.
2022-05-19"Bluetooth active noise cancelling ""earphones"" that don't fall out."
2022-05-16Can a MeFite who reads Arabic script please help me?
2022-05-03I want the opposite of loud
2022-05-03Where to blog these days?
2022-04-28Stylus for Pixel 5 for Drawing Kanji
2022-04-26Do cooling mattresses really work? Give me your anecdata!
2022-04-26Wifi-enabled Window Air Conditioner Woes
2022-04-26Wifi-enabled Window Air Conditioner Woes
2022-04-18How can we help libraries in the US?
2022-04-14Recommend a new(er) Android phone for architectural & text photos
2022-04-14Could this be the one upside of having Covid?
2022-04-12Bean Roast Level for Arabic “Yellow” Coffee
2022-04-09Cultural attitudes towards stale food?
2022-04-08"Recreating the look of outdated ""computer"" graphics"
2022-04-06Software or website to make your own comics without drawing?
2022-04-03Identify SFF short story: aliens with space travel and swords
2022-04-02How many bats does it take to change a lightbulb?
2022-03-31Flat screen TV + crumbly plaster wall = bad idea? How bad?
2022-03-30Staving off rust on my truck (for now)
2022-03-27One mouse and keyboard, two computers
2022-03-27Career shift: Coding Camp?
2022-03-26Career shift: Coding Camp?
2022-03-16Safest practical way to pack irregular-shaped fragile items for moving
2022-03-07Tipping barber after rescheduled appointment?
2022-03-05Bread machine recipes and hacks
2022-03-01Privacy concern on instagram
2022-02-28VOTE SAXON
2022-02-26Ukraine and world politics
2022-02-24How to buy a phone direct from Apple when I’m on an existing AT&T plan?
2022-02-22mod Win laptop touchpad taps (that aren't baked into driver)?
2022-02-22Another earbuds question, with snowflakes
2022-02-19Best tablet device for reading comic books under £100?
2022-02-14Inventory of plant orders, many: plants, jobs, nurseries
2022-02-12Good all-in-one printer/scanner for scanning books?
2022-02-01Imagining a pressure-sensitive purr mat
2022-02-01Marital checkins
2022-01-31How to assess Covid risk for young children?
2022-01-31How to assess Covid risk for young children?
2022-01-30Spammy marketers don't want you to know this one weird trick!
2022-01-29Please help me name my new role!
2022-01-29Phone bluetooth to soundbar and mini speaker?
2022-01-28Australian Film About Young Artist Who Could Stop Time
2022-01-26TracFone VoLTE replacement - deadline? cheapest option?
2022-01-13Am I understanding COVID hospitalization rates for vaxxed vs unvaxxed?
2022-01-07Caption services for online course videos?
2022-01-05Note taking in the Hybrid Age
2022-01-04help me find a student assignment notebook