Which comments by WCityMike were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-11-16Best blood glucose tracker for iPhone (preferably w/no subscription)?
2018-10-28What is the first painting in this parade supposed to be?
2018-09-27I wanna blow up Klingons in this particular way
2018-09-22Plant ID: garden mystery plant
2018-09-17Daily life on December 7, 1941
2018-09-07Recommend an ios app for recording phone calls
2018-09-07Recommend an ios app for recording phone calls
2018-08-09I don't want to sign up for any newsletter
2018-08-06Name suggestions for a sff group
2018-08-01Terrible ghost jokes
2018-07-26How to extract a .cab file without Winzip?
2018-07-07Address help!
2018-07-05gentle movies and TV
2018-05-18Name That Bug
2018-03-23More books like "The World Only Spins Forward"?
2018-03-20Change my Outlook: Creating Forms in the Body of Email Messages
2018-03-15Ain't no shame in our game!!!
2018-03-06Recs for apps that improve your life, keep you organized, etc.?
2018-03-05Is this a healthy behavior in a new relationship?
2018-02-27Could Trump get a security clearance?
2018-02-18Keeping medications cold in the heat
2018-02-18What to do when a tenant says they have bed bugs?
2018-01-03Fitness(/nutrition) podcasts?
2018-01-02Does France have a DMV?