Which comments by WCityMike were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

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2019-10-28In the US, where would corporation documents be physically stored?
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2019-07-14Apps to help me remember to do weekly/monthly chores
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2019-06-10Karaokefilter, fast talker edition
2019-06-03You can’t hulk out in here! This is the war room!
2019-05-29iPhone: Google Profile Photos Not Showing in iMessage?
2019-05-26Is there a tool to turn a list of URLs into a newspaper-looking thing
2019-05-23What's the best way to deal with something you don't like doing?
2019-05-083.86 million words between two covers?
2019-04-12Forcing a shared Outlook calendar to send an email when altered?
2019-04-01A month in Japan this summer.
2019-03-26How do I prevent my nephew from getting me sick all the time?
2019-03-12People talking about their lives - in text?
2019-03-11Is there a Feeling Good for DBT?
2019-03-08Oldie comic name search
2019-03-06metformin and other meds
2019-02-25How do I withdraw my empathy to be hurt less by people?
2019-01-22Will my use of Gritty violate copyright laws?
2019-01-11But we’ll never be royals
2019-01-10Co-worker on local news. How do I download the video?
2019-01-10Co-worker on local news. How do I download the video?
2019-01-10Co-worker on local news. How do I download the video?
2019-01-08Where did my email go?
2019-01-01AAVE “lite”? Question about slang appropriation