Which comments by kalimac were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-22Meeting daughter's partner first time xmas
2018-12-04Do I want a Roomba?
2018-12-04Do I want a Roomba?
2018-11-01omg pls vote k thx bye
2018-10-21What do I do with a huge cat tree my cat won't use anymore?
2018-10-14Bar soap to scent laundry? Or other non-detergent method?
2018-10-08Germany for Christmas?
2018-10-03People who never use the internet: why/how?
2018-09-27Help me think about shaving my head.
2018-09-25Coping with non-profit desperation
2018-09-10How can U.S. citizens travel to Cuba and not get in trouble w/ the U.S.?
2018-08-26Kids and Gender Identity Conundrum
2018-08-17Offbeat fun for a day in Philadelphia
2018-08-04Finisher denial: open water swim
2018-06-23Sunday night in Cardiff?
2018-05-20Recovering from flying half the night
2018-05-03Should I eat these?
2018-02-22Hidden Gems in University City
2018-02-08Edumucate me please