Which comments by kitten magic were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-24Go or no?
2016-12-05How do I choose an anaesthetic when suffering from anxiety?
2016-11-30Can you talk me down from my anxiety?
2016-11-3058 seats. 62 Koreans.
2016-11-09What Should We Do Now?
2016-11-08Cat driving us batty; we have twins--help!
2016-10-26Do my cats hate each other?
2016-10-26Do my cats hate each other?
2016-10-25After seperation with child, do you consider ex family still?
2016-10-17Storing a spring mattress on its side
2016-08-07International MeFites: what are the Olympics like in your country?
2016-08-02my cat might have eaten a chocolate croissant
2016-07-18Relationship - married man edition
2016-07-05Five day cat charm offensive
2016-07-05Five day cat charm offensive
2016-05-28Drawing blood twice in 2 days— problem?
2016-05-25What was/is this job title?
2016-05-01Validate my itinerary! Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland
2016-03-18How to care for pretty new car?
2016-03-09Australia, ho! Help sort out my kitchen.
2016-02-18The baby/toddler next door screams more than what I think is normal
2016-02-02Help me keep the waterworks at bay
2016-01-25Gluten-Free Bread
2016-01-24We're all in this together
2016-01-23How did pre-WW2 undergraduates access library resources?
2016-01-22Economics of underground fights in the movies
2016-01-19Don't want to trigger a foam slide
2016-01-19Best website for market research? Difficulty: Australia
2016-01-14Dating someone that doesn't want the same things in the future