Which comments by amtho were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-29Beautiful and/or Yummy Plants for the Garden
2017-12-20Exercise routine using chores. Eg. Cleaning the shower is squats
2017-12-09Am I right to be annoyed by this?
2017-12-04Please help protect me from evil eye!
2017-11-22How to change from an "alpha" to a "beta"
2017-11-08What scale for weighing my cat?
2017-10-22Dumbphone without internet but with keyboard?
2017-10-14What do I do with an enormous wooden cradle?
2017-10-10Beyond vision boards
2017-09-20Best remedies to avoid getting sick?
2017-09-12What can I make with semiprecious stone beads, other than jewelry?
2017-09-08Argument with my brother about triangles. This is not homework; I'm 48.
2017-09-01Has Google Search gotten worse?
2017-08-30I need modular food
2017-08-12Show Your Work
2017-07-25Seeking wedding resources for a low-key, reluctant, feminist bri... ugh.
2017-07-22How do you keep your vintage-filled house smelling fresh?
2017-07-21I could be my own personal assistant?
2017-07-20Smelly cat, smelly cat
2017-07-20Stuck In the Pseudo-Wife Zone
2017-07-19Should I buy a haven in case of climate change?
2017-07-11Online estate agent charging for services not provided
2017-07-05"Today we need some organization and planned activities."
2017-07-02Suddenly, you know they are real, they mean it!
2017-06-30Suddenly, you know they are real, they mean it!
2017-06-29Smelly hair
2017-05-30How do I resolve guilt/sadness about sibling's abusive ex-husband?
2017-05-21How to deal with casual disregard for small animals
2017-05-12Well Meaning Paper Avalanche - Get Me Out
2017-05-11We all had a hand in making you this card.
2017-05-11Well Meaning Paper Avalanche - Get Me Out
2017-05-11I need a gift for myself. From the US. Help?
2017-05-05Please Help Me Math
2017-05-03The holy grail of clear polish
2017-04-20Are there any legal problems with using a stink bomb in your own garden?
2017-04-18Tell me how to make good decisions
2017-04-15Birthday Gift Suggestions, Amazing Feminist Nerd Lady Edition
2017-04-13Other than AskMe, How Do People Find Their Spot?
2017-04-13What are today's standards around casual sex?
2017-04-09How can I stop my fight-or-flight about doing work from ruining my life?
2017-03-31Seeking: Guys who don't check out women
2017-03-26finding a Forum for my website (wpForo?)
2017-03-08Hope Me!
2017-02-23Is mute and report enough?
2017-02-21How can I remove strong cooking smells from wooden furniture?
2017-02-17Samarkaand Came To My Kitchen
2017-01-26Help me surprise my honey with a (funny) first look!
2017-01-20Google results and YouTube video order
2017-01-17Vegetarian cooking projects
2017-01-13NPD FIL's birthday dinner - shutting down pessimism
2017-01-13How to overcome weakness in non-verbal communication
2017-01-10Tofu for dummies.
2017-01-10Tofu for dummies.
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised
2017-01-06How to support a colleague with a sick cat?
2017-01-06Ideas for small low-salt snacks/meals?
2017-01-05Do Pagans have a PR problem?