Which comments by Rock Steady were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-17Do I want a Roomba?
2018-12-04Do I want a Roomba?
2018-11-20What does a parent need to know about XBox?
2018-10-18Resources for remotely grieving a pet.
2018-10-04Help me name some city streets! :D
2018-08-24Sourcing injectable estrogen
2018-08-07Turning 25, Let the Crisis Begin
2018-06-21A bad trip
2018-06-04Thinking too hard about jet lag
2018-06-04Miss Manners Filter: When is it rude to ask for a favor?
2018-05-10One romantic(?) night in London
2018-05-08Landlord: "I don't believe you need a service dog." Huh?
2018-05-07Can I stop iTunes from loading podcasts on my laptop?
2018-04-18Not great, Bob!
2018-04-11Would you drop or be willing to ammend a Protective Order?
2018-04-09Where should I live?
2018-04-04Should I let my work get more involved in my health care?
2018-03-05Why was I cooled down as a newborn baby?
2018-02-27What to do in Savannah, GA this weekend?
2018-02-22Best non-Olympic source for figure skating news and commentary?
2018-02-22How does team commentating work?
2018-02-20Retail statistics question
2018-01-25How to survive saying goodbye
2018-01-22Quiz question ideas - sportsnotsports edition
2018-01-11Ideas for thoughtful questions before baby
2018-01-10Help pimp our kid's karaoke party
2018-01-08Ball direction and camera angles during NFL broadcasts