Which comments by andrewcooke were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-22Creativity and Distraction
2016-12-21Help me cope with mountain lion stress
2016-12-17RIP, Dr. Heimlich...but something is bugging me
2016-12-13is this book cover a pastiche of another, older book cover?
2016-12-10Depictions of geniuses in movies & on TV
2016-12-08Carbon transfer paper without the paper...
2016-11-3058 seats. 62 Koreans.
2016-11-28Transgender 101
2016-11-25Please help me design an eGPU setup for my Lenovo x220
2016-11-23Sock it to me!
2016-11-14In photos it's always a supermoon
2016-11-11Disappearing storage on MacBook Air!
2016-11-09Women who have won the popular vote to become head of state?
2016-10-22Warm workout clothes?
2016-10-21Credit card chip fell off, what now?
2016-10-21Credit card chip fell off, what now?
2016-09-08Books of Authority
2016-08-29A ? from a ? in a zoot suit
2016-08-15Why is July the hottest month *worldwide*?
2016-08-11Watched Out
2016-07-24How are you all, well, doing (this)?
2016-07-12What trivia should I learn?
2016-07-08What to ask a consultant about Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
2016-07-08CNN Chile - Live v Recording and Viewing via 'net
2016-07-03Wine - white - VERY VERY DRY. Wanted!
2016-06-29What natural phenomena are worth a trip?
2016-06-21Tracking down a Zika study
2016-06-12Does global warming mean we shouldn’t buy this riverside lot?
2016-06-07inexpensive, decent vacuum cleaner?
2016-05-30Help me buy a road bike!
2016-05-23It's not you; it's me, not understanding you (Closure Edition)
2016-05-22Why can't I go to Google? Why do I sometimes get redirected to LinkedIn?
2016-05-17Fruit and veg batteries
2016-05-11What is it like being a tourist in Chile during their winter?
2016-05-06christian themed healthcare in England?
2016-05-04Why does my computer think it's in India?
2016-05-04Why does my computer think it's in India?
2016-05-03Hiring a personal trainer/nutritionist while sick?
2016-04-28Which POS software was this?
2016-04-26My ISP thinks I downloaded GoT, but I didn't. What's going on?
2016-04-20ISO of an iPhone app that can record sound decibel level
2016-04-10Bang & Olufsen sound-card is too quiet, what can I do to make it louder?
2016-04-09Flight to Buenos Aires - Airlines and layover times
2016-03-31How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-30How do you make a splendid cup of tea?
2016-03-24Non-Engineering Nonfiction Books for Engineers?
2016-03-17Recipe for self-rising flour (UK version if geography matters)
2016-03-03What to know about bicycle commuting in Minneapolis for someone new?
2016-03-03How big should my emergency savings account be?
2016-03-02When are fuses required in UK plugs?
2016-02-29Excel arithmetic glitch explanation
2016-02-28Computer help in Oxford, UK
2016-02-28Computer help in Oxford, UK
2016-02-26Folding without breaking: define long-term relationship compatibility?
2016-02-24Dranks for... skanks?
2016-02-23Where was this scene from the film "Abre los ojos" filmed?
2016-02-22Best solution for ad-hoc parsing and reformatting of text?
2016-02-20Best cheap Walmart/Target Bike?
2016-02-18Automated Cloud Work-Flows Handling Web Pages
2016-02-16Let's play: math problems with a comm major!
2016-02-12Post-apocalyptic office instructions
2016-02-07Looking for math and science 'jokes' to slip into a D&D adventure!
2016-02-07Looking for math and science 'jokes' to slip into a D&D adventure!
2016-02-07Changing course to classical music career later in life
2016-02-07Name that SciFi book: Fast and Slow
2016-01-29Books to understand conservatives
2016-01-23How did pre-WW2 undergraduates access library resources?
2016-01-22What model is this speaker?
2016-01-20a diagram of the night sky as seen from a certain location and date
2016-01-19Crush On Someone Rather Confusing
2016-01-18Crafting etiquette and intellectual property
2016-01-15Mini-ITX Linux PC For Work (Parts from UK)
2016-01-05How important is it really to skip a day between workouts?
2016-01-02I'm grown... so what should I be now?