Which comments by babelfish were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-16Books that pretend to be found objects
2022-12-14Books that pretend to be found objects
2022-12-06smell this for me, would ya?
2022-11-19Books like Amy Snow by Tracy Rees
2022-11-14What is the correct thing to do after mistakenly misgendering someone?
2022-11-09Book recommendations 2022
2022-11-03Diverse(ish) children's books that conservative parents won't hate
2022-08-29Can I learn to love a white car?
2022-08-17Gallbladders of the young
2022-08-12Help me apply nail polish to my soap dispensers.
2022-08-04Person Has Terrible Idea, Follows Through
2022-08-04Person Has Terrible Idea, Follows Through
2022-07-20Anniversary Cocktail Idea
2022-07-19communicating via the medium of contemporary American humourists
2022-07-19ISO literary agent blogs
2022-07-18Genre for middle-grade book about a kid who finds a lucky coin
2022-06-28Daily word games or puzzles
2022-06-26Can you recommend some scented candles?
2022-06-10Three days in Chelsea NYC
2022-06-02Is there a Mister Rogers in your neighborhood?
2022-06-01Baltimore for the weekend with 8 adults and Paul McCartney
2022-05-07Have you give your password to hackers online? Make me feel better!
2022-05-02Seeking advice after surprise stage IV endometriosis diagnosis
2022-04-27Where is a pot a kettle?
2022-03-17Jennifer Coolidge's fabulous green silk dressing gown
2022-03-07Help me find the goth-hy purse of my dreams!