Which comments by kevinbelt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-11-09Practical accounts of life and culture under oppression and turmoil?
2016-11-09Women who have won the popular vote to become head of state?
2016-11-03ISO adults who adult
2016-10-0580s/90s "message" movies - how were they a thing?
2016-10-04Your Uncommon Song
2016-09-12Recommend a $500-ish road bike
2016-09-12Men's Undies Advice
2016-08-30I want to trounce my fiance this March Madness.
2016-08-29Strangest Thingsest
2016-08-19Are you dependable? I want to be dependable, too.
2016-08-19From 0 to "programming" in $2500
2016-08-05I already bought a plane ticket. Should I take an 8-hr bus instead?
2016-07-27The rites and rituals of sport
2016-07-19What is a "Boswell" in this use?
2016-07-18Where can I watch baseball and football in Boston in August?
2016-07-15How Many Different Size T-Shirts Should I Order?
2016-07-05What are your tips for long road trips?
2016-06-19Building online marketplaces for dummies?
2016-06-12Online Old-Time Radio Streams
2016-06-10Was this weird?
2016-06-03Opposition research
2016-06-01Where to spend a few years to a lifetime
2016-05-27Why would someone lie about their age on a draft notice?
2016-05-25How to find my father's old house?
2016-05-25How to find my father's old house?
2016-05-25How to find my father's old house?
2016-05-23Meditations on traveling and wandering
2016-05-22Most amazing aviation themed play space in North America?
2016-05-19California Dreamin': Road Trip Edition
2016-05-16Help me plan a chess roadmap
2016-05-06Milwaukee's finest
2016-04-27Outskirts of switzerland: I can't drive!
2016-04-27What Companies Have Remote Tech Support Opportunities?
2016-04-01Homeowners Insurance -- Newbie questions
2016-03-29What's a family w/teens to do in/near Buffalo this Friday & Saturday?
2016-03-28Conservative bloggers/twitter for my elderly father?
2016-03-27What do album producers do?
2016-03-27Don't want to eat mystery meat at restaurants; how do I not be annoying?
2016-03-24The biggest and best small wallet?
2016-03-15Examining texts on the fly?
2016-02-25How busy is Midway (MDW) Airport at 5am on a Friday?
2016-02-24Should I try to salvage the wooden floors from my father's house?
2016-02-21Instead of dining out, where can we go to get out?
2016-02-12Moving to St Louis vs. Nashville in your mid 20s: pros and cons?
2016-02-12Moving to St Louis vs. Nashville in your mid 20s: pros and cons?
2016-02-08Cautious Lenders: Conservative Appraisers?
2016-02-07Changing course to classical music career later in life
2016-02-04Looking for good regex tutorial
2016-02-02How do I get my wife to the NH Democratic Town Hall?
2016-01-29Books to understand conservatives
2016-01-23Friendship after a break up
2016-01-21Please help this very infrequent flyer.
2016-01-19Crush On Someone Rather Confusing
2016-01-18Volunteered to add up the votes for my Book Club; No idea how to do it
2016-01-17BookFilter: History of the GOP and Dems
2016-01-04New Year, new job? But how?
2016-01-02I'm grown... so what should I be now?