Which comments by kevinbelt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-28Exercising better down where it's wetter
2018-12-11When and where were t-shirts common on college campuses
2018-12-11It's 1979-82, you're 19-25, you live in a small Midwestern city...
2018-11-26Light packers: how do you do it?
2018-11-01Give my modular ranch some character
2018-10-20A snowy small town with a starry night sky
2018-10-12Adulting 101: Step up from jeans and hoodies
2018-10-12Adulting 101: Step up from jeans and hoodies
2018-10-08Finding broad history books that aren't super eurocentric
2018-10-02Managing "Risk"
2018-09-21How do I get an offensive advertisement taken down at my local mall?
2018-08-28handling stress during a performance improvement plan
2018-08-22Would you like to share your location?
2018-08-19Go Team Karma
2018-08-08We want the disco/funk! Give up the disco/funk!
2018-08-07Turning 25, Let the Crisis Begin
2018-07-31You can't fire me, I quit!
2018-07-27How much does 15k get you?
2018-07-10Instrument I can learn on a budget?
2018-07-01Please dress me in "Lite Cocktail"
2018-06-27Books like Kate Fox's "Watching the English"?
2018-06-25Suggestions on how to create trivia questions
2018-06-19Help me how do I do this?
2018-05-27Buffalo in Summertime - what to do?
2018-03-29Active Walking Holiday Alps/ Europe with baby and no car
2018-03-29Friends w/ kids will visit for a week. I have no kids. How do I prep?
2018-03-21Help me be fascinated by freight trains
2018-03-06I am desperately bored.
2018-03-05One by one, my friends age and turn to the right. I'd rather not.
2018-03-02Is it OK for male colleague to touch a woman's waist in passing?
2018-02-25From the City of Big Shoulders to The Home of the Bean and the Cod
2018-02-22Sabotaged by my younger self - how to begin life at 40?
2018-02-21Career tips for a budding young LEGO designer
2018-02-20I need dishwashing hacks.
2018-02-19Tell Me About The Boys and Girls Club of America (BCGA)
2018-02-15A more chill version of CandyCrush
2018-02-04Food-related misnomers
2018-01-26How did this car insurance snafu happen?
2018-01-18Off-season honeymoon in Kennybunk, ME
2018-01-17Pros and cons of hiring a doula
2018-01-07Ball direction and camera angles during NFL broadcasts
2018-01-04Deciding on a pediatrician?
2018-01-01Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition
2018-01-01Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition