Which comments by kevinbelt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-12-09Making up and making of.
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2020-10-15Help me name some international baseball teams
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2020-09-18Best speeches/ monologues/ rants of all time!
2020-09-04Change Yourself
2020-08-28No thanks, I'd rather stand
2020-08-12Another career promotion conversation question...
2020-08-03a writing dilemma
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2020-07-22guilt over not wanting job
2020-07-09tools and accessories for preventing exercise injuries?
2020-07-06All [...] things must come to an end. How to deal with change?
2020-06-28Obsessive fears about leaving the house in the era of Corona
2020-06-24Books to pop a Fox News bubble
2020-06-19Exercise bands dangerous for kids?
2020-06-18Should I stay in a vacation house during a time of covid uncertainty?
2020-06-09abolish? defund?
2020-06-03How do you not get bitter at work?
2020-05-21Pick your own truth
2020-05-11Should I avoid the cheapest car insurance I can find?
2020-05-08Daydreaming about traveling
2020-04-10Can I eat this: Mariano's via InstaCart ground beef (time sensitive)
2020-04-07My relationship with my boyfriend is far from what I want...
2020-04-05Stretching the definition of 'digital nomad'
2020-04-01Help Me to Remember High School Football
2020-03-31Remote Onboarding
2020-03-25My industry no longer exists. Neither does my backup industry.
2020-03-25Should I have groceries delivered or get them myself?
2020-03-16Recruiter response when you like where you are but are worried about lay
2020-02-23A window into his soul... or, Trump clips that need no context
2020-01-07Is there an Infinitive here?