Which comments by kevinbelt were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2022?

2022-12-30Voice volume apps/software?
2022-12-18Are there accessible careers that aren't stressful and that pay well?
2022-12-1780s gold
2022-12-08Make me visible at night
2022-12-06Picklist on a website; how to capture full list?
2022-12-04Options for setting up a links website?
2022-11-30Historical events with misleading names?
2022-11-10"Is this okay, or would it be ""mail tampering""?"
2022-11-10I don't understand why election modeling has any validity
2022-11-09I don't understand why election modeling has any validity
2022-11-07How much should I donate to metafilter?
2022-11-06What is the best pan you’ve ever used?
2022-11-03What are the most effective organizations helping Hurricane Ian victims?
2022-10-28Tell me about NE Ohio
2022-10-14How did the Nazi's have enough soldiers to conquer most of Europe?
2022-09-26Good luck? Good […]!
2022-09-22Cartoons are the best way to learn classical music
2022-09-22Calling Ornithologists and Birders: Birds Who Are Jerks
2022-09-21The Case of the Stolen Chicken Nuggets
2022-09-14DC: Concert at the Anthem vs. Cap One Nosebleeds
2022-09-06How to purchase US domestic airline tix for long distance family member?
2022-08-21Group tours that attract a diverse group of adults?
2022-08-18"Any problem with application forms, etc., asking for ""telephone number""?"
2022-08-15Is there a home for old (60s-70s) slides of factories?
2022-08-14What are the pros and cons of being tattooed?
2022-08-02Give Me That Victorian Artisan Look
2022-08-01Where do I recruit a new member for the Finance Committee?
2022-07-29"What would be a ""family discount"" when selling a used car?"
2022-07-2990s nostlalgia
2022-07-25More wholesome relaxation?
2022-07-24International Pop Music - 2022 Edition
2022-07-23Long defunct organizations/groups/movements that have come to life
2022-07-15Rethinking work after tenure
2022-07-08Name that font, 1980s edition
2022-07-07The social ABC of quitting drinking
2022-07-07Please Help Me Speak Used Bookstore-ese
2022-07-07Narratives of smaller countries/regions
2022-06-29Fiction Writing Guides for Someone Who Wants to Write
2022-06-24Purse stable high protein dog treats recipe?
2022-06-06Live Zoom for Dummies - Calm Me
2022-05-21Toddler not walking yet
2022-05-11Great artists, bad people?
2022-05-09Help with creative flight searches
2022-05-04how could this be?
2022-05-01I moved to Columbus, OH. And bought a house. It was a huge mistake.
2022-04-27"Do you know the data on why ""its so hard"" to get into elite colleges? "
2022-04-26How to be a Road Warrior, 201-level
2022-04-22ELI 5: How to not freak out this week.
2022-04-19Flying with too many electronics
2022-04-18How much can I push back on negotiating PTO?
2022-04-14Ever make peace with not knowing how someone died?