Which comments by clew were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-12Wrapping presents in cloth for the complete klutz
2019-12-09An app to let me run a small library
2019-11-26Preparing Pretty Pie Crusts
2019-11-21Where can my 5-year-old see an electron microscope in Seattle?
2019-11-03A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit CBGB's
2019-10-30help me stay asleep
2019-10-29Two Label Conundrums
2019-10-23How to organize incredibly detailed to-do lists?
2019-09-30Shana tova!
2019-09-24What New York City Ballet Should I Go See?
2019-06-07Forgetting Solutions and Needing to Endlessly Rediscover Them
2019-03-05Is there a term for this?
2019-01-20Look and see her, how she sparkles
2019-01-20Look and see her, how she sparkles
2019-01-02How can I better plan for holidays this year?