Which comments by clew were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-31AthleticSockFilter: I think my feet hate polyester
2021-12-18What on earth can I buy my dad for Christmas?
2021-12-08"Perfectly good Chinese tea for less-than-""gourmet"" prices"
2021-12-05Particle Board Subfloor + Animal Pee = Trouble
2021-12-01Linux Desktop GUI Programming Reality Check-In
2021-11-23What color is a tomato?
2021-10-27Postmodern Jukebox jazz, but more of it
2021-10-08Side sleepers of AskMefi - HOW DO?
2021-08-17How do I get specific logs.
2021-08-11Pottery hobbyist in need of books on design principles
2021-07-05Business casual clothes for an aging punk woman in academia?
2021-06-28Easement for off-street car charging?
2021-06-25Nutmeg novice needs nutritional (k)nowledge
2021-06-16Kitchen organization... help
2021-06-15Apple watch app that has an alarm when heart rate goes over threshold
2021-05-28Excel Formula Question
2021-05-28Excel Formula Question
2021-05-28"How to respond to ""won't you be bored?"" job interview question."
2021-04-23Alternative to tatami mat for a Japanese style futon?
2021-04-18What delicious things should I plant? (Absolute beginner edition)
2021-04-17What delicious things should I plant? (Absolute beginner edition)
2021-04-01Galloping in the Background
2021-03-02Fun build labels
2021-02-08What to do about old grief?
2021-02-08Sometimes a dress isn't just a dress. It's also a plate of beans.
2021-01-31How to make clothes-shopping less of a sensory hell?
2021-01-11Help me find the perfect journal.