Which comments by queenofbithynia were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-18Migraines from high-frequency flicker (above normal fusion rate)
2017-12-07Fantasy/paranormal shows that aren't gory/miserable?
2017-11-26Menstrual cycle and mood
2017-11-24Too much storage unit, too little time.
2017-11-20Should I rehome my dog?
2017-11-17Who is Brode, what is he?
2017-11-12Between a polyamorous rock and a monogamous hard place??
2017-11-10What was sex like in the olden days?
2017-11-09What was sex like in the olden days?
2017-11-02What are normal lows in a relationship
2017-10-29Pain Avoidance
2017-10-29I just broke up with my boyfriend, and am feeling really down about it.
2017-10-19Lots of women wear head coverings - can I?
2017-10-12Tips to keep from crying
2017-10-11I love you...sober you
2017-10-01Making plans as a sign of commitment
2017-09-30Was I A Rebound?
2017-09-30Herniated disc timeline wanted.
2017-09-28Talking to people without being That Person
2017-09-22I speak English, you speak... English?
2017-09-15Numbness in calf and foot, lower back pain
2017-09-07Help me process my anxiety about a really fun date I had
2017-08-30How to know when to use pepper spray in self-defence?
2017-08-18New York Library or City Hall Filter
2017-08-12Show Your Work
2017-08-12Show Your Work
2017-08-05Friend not inviting my girlfriend to his party
2017-08-01Support or Slander?
2017-07-22Sorry about your high expectations really not getting met, dear
2017-07-19Boyfriend seeks to make amends but can I really trust him?
2017-07-14Yet Another OKCupid Profile Help Question - "Old, Awkward, ASD" Edition
2017-07-08OK Cupid Profile Help, trying to "keep it real"
2017-06-30"Am I going to die?" "Probably not, but I wouldn't bet my life on it."
2017-06-22Appropriate Response to Sudden Departure of Employee
2017-06-20Least Invasive Forms of Birth Control
2017-06-16Can a joker and a serious person date happily?
2017-06-16Fusspot seeks fragrance recommendations
2017-06-14How can I become more sex positive and embrace sexuality after trauma?
2017-06-14How to stop feeling guilty about estranging myself from my mom
2017-06-03Help me find the same dress about 1-3 more times!
2017-05-22How to deal with casual disregard for small animals
2017-05-14I want to dress in business casual athleisure, if that's a thing
2017-04-26What were the purposes and pitfalls of introductions a century ago?
2017-04-26Help me think/be more like a Businessy Person
2017-03-19How to deal with emotional labor inequity in relationships with males?
2017-03-10How can I make more friends but not get used?
2017-03-10How to pay someone back when they are unwilling
2017-03-07A Bridging-the-Divide Book on Racism?
2017-03-04"Cretin" and "Cretan" are homophones...right?
2017-02-27Older guy won't hear no, threatens position in friend group
2017-02-25What does a healthy straight parents/queer child relationship look like?
2017-02-12Help me write an email to one editor about another editor
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-28Short American horror fiction by authors who aren't white men?
2017-01-13What should I feed my cat?
2017-01-11Rebound or closure sex or...? Help me identify it
2017-01-02Teaching children nonattachment applied to "stuff"