Which comments by queenofbithynia were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-07-31Trying to sort my marriage
2018-07-22Is it wrong to ever ask, "Would you leave me if I gained weight?"
2018-07-12How to you hold onto your personal power while falling in love?
2018-07-01Please dress me in "Lite Cocktail"
2018-07-01Is this normal for a physical therapist?
2018-06-28Stockpiling Plan B?
2018-06-25What to do with a new-to-us upright piano?
2018-06-15How to feel like I’m not just my job?
2018-06-15How to feel like I’m not just my job?
2018-06-10Is this what dating is like in 2018?
2018-06-07I lost My Unbelieving Wife To - Religion! Can this work?
2018-05-31Is job hunting with a PhD -really- that bad?
2018-05-29Delivery room dilemma
2018-05-19How do I move on?
2018-05-16Husband has kept a journal to prove I am mentally ill
2018-05-16Husband has kept a journal to prove I am mentally ill
2018-04-29How do I stop anxiously over analyzing everything?
2018-04-22Why does my husband's overreaction bother me so much?
2018-04-21Why can't I take more NSAIDs?
2018-04-11Would you drop or be willing to ammend a Protective Order?
2018-04-01Christmas in Spring
2018-04-01Christmas in Spring
2018-03-14Ain't no shame in our game!!!
2018-03-07Do I need to delete my ex & his family/friends off social media forever?
2018-02-23Friendly office mate suddenly cold
2018-02-18recovering and moving on from long-ago rape (trigger warning: sex, rape)
2018-02-15When Your Teen Starts Dating: Protocols
2018-01-30Did I come on too strong?
2018-01-29Co-worker thinks I'm dumb and doesn't try to hide it
2018-01-26What if I really WAS to blame for getting sexually assaulted?
2018-01-16Single parent: outlook not so good, where do I start?
2018-01-14Help me talk to my doctor about my symptoms