Which comments by BlackLeotardFront were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-28Can I (re)read this?
2021-11-06Help me become a speechwriter!
2021-10-24" ""classic rock that *really* rocks, with no vocals"""
2021-10-02Witcher or What? Seeking game recommendations
2021-09-27Seek and Ye Shall Not Find
2021-09-02Boat Simulator
2021-07-20Nikon marketing contact?
2021-07-14Please recommend some recent social critique/science fantasy books
2021-07-043DS games like A Link to the Past
2021-04-05Pan Am-iversary
2021-02-21I need historical fiction about hard-to-sympathize-with protagonists.
2021-02-19Live TV news headsets
2021-01-21Signal as an adjective and its pairings