Which comments by FencingGal were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-29What do you wish your adult children would do more of?
2016-12-06Functional winter boots and socks for my mom with thick calves
2016-12-01One Perfectionist with an Instant Pot
2016-12-01One Perfectionist with an Instant Pot
2016-11-07Jeremiah Denton blinked Morse Code as a POW. Who figured that out?
2016-10-11Idle hands need new work
2016-09-12Book: Looking for two types of war memoir
2016-09-03Peace, happiness and motivation in 25* words or less
2016-08-29Best Bar Cookie Recipe needed
2016-08-21Let Me Eat Cake
2016-08-02Examples of "regional" common knowledge
2016-07-30Well, yeah, wolves eat lambs, but...
2016-07-15All out of jokes
2016-07-15All out of jokes
2016-07-14poetry in Ann Arbor?
2016-07-08Take my money, Baby!
2016-06-12Liquidating Barbie
2016-06-10Gift ideas for a poet
2016-05-15More like a pocket, less like a fanny pack?
2016-04-20Cooking once for the week
2016-04-15What is this kitchen (?) implement/tool used for?
2016-04-15What is this kitchen (?) implement/tool used for?
2016-03-30Landlord questions (is craigslist just tindr for rentals?)
2016-03-25Recipe Suggestions for Dish that will travel/keep well?
2016-03-08How to pick one biography of many?
2016-03-06Elder care for an aunt with schizophrenia. Help me stay sane!
2016-03-03How do I help my paranoid, elderly mom in rapid mental decline?
2016-02-23idiomatic irregular verbs and conjugation
2016-02-13Book club questions for Mildred Pierce
2016-02-03Looking to make life as a big person dealing with chronic pain easier
2016-01-31mo brunch, fewer problems
2016-01-18Inspired by "The Good Gut" - cookbook suggestions?
2016-01-09I was bullied at the gym I go to. Best approaches and solutions?
2016-01-08Looking for art about time.
2016-01-04What are some interesting examples of a culture changing its mind?