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2019-12-218 Crazy Legs
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2019-12-08Is it ethical to post negative reviews for small-time bloggers?
2019-12-03Gift idea for a 6-year-old girl about which I know nothing
2019-12-01The lonely, lonely air fryer
2019-11-30The lonely, lonely air fryer
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2019-10-13My beautiful blue broom
2019-10-04Parents want to leave bulk (all?) to my brother, in their will
2019-10-01Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2019-10-01Essays/Articles That Opened Your Mind
2019-09-22literature on the small cruelties of life
2019-09-04Coinages Whose Pronunciations Took on a Life of Their Own
2019-08-27I've heard of Gallows Humour but this....
2019-08-07Inventions of the 21st century (not through computers or the internet)
2019-08-05The Artists' Way To Withstand Late Stage Capitalism
2019-08-04Looking for modern, well-regarded texts endorsing female subordination
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2019-07-22Can you help me understand aspects of John 8?
2019-07-15The Very Finest Party Hedgehog
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2019-07-03Too Old For an Improv Class?
2019-06-29We were promised jet packs.
2019-06-24Copyeditors: Is this correct?
2019-06-24how do I think critically about this immunotherapy drug for cancer?
2019-06-16What was up with this egg?
2019-06-12Very specific fiction formatting question
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2019-06-02 Need your tips on ambidextrousness (Broken Elbow Edition)
2019-06-01Should I seek out a writer's group (and if so, how?)
2019-05-07How to find platonic friendship only at midlife?
2019-04-26Looking for more 'on brand' working-out-to tv
2019-04-26Looking for more 'on brand' working-out-to tv
2019-04-18Vegan cookbooks or websites for the Eastern European palate
2019-04-14What's the science behind 'super taster' taste buds?
2019-04-08If I want to publish a book, should I NOT publish in a magazine?
2019-04-05Am I going to run out of commas before I finish this proofread?
2019-04-05Brain injury, mental health, and divorce. Your experiences, please?
2019-04-05trouble eating in the morning
2019-03-19rock my April 1st
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2019-03-11Fiction for fathers
2019-02-16Tips for coping with total hysterectomy and/or chemotherapy
2019-02-11Nonprofits with Amazon wishlists
2019-02-10My friend is mad at me for asking her dog to wear a service vest.
2019-02-07Is this comma really necessary?
2019-02-05No-tech secrets?
2019-01-30If you don't have a dartboard handy...
2019-01-25What's the cultural history of the coined headscarf?
2019-01-22Dating someone with severe anxiety...control issues.
2019-01-14What household items from non-US countries should I know about?