Which comments by Wobbuffet were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-12-16Books for a short attention span
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2018-12-10Recommendations for kid-friendly solo board or card games
2018-12-07the mess inside, sunny side
2018-12-03Book-demic; legacy
2018-11-27I need some dumb jokes.
2018-11-09Blue, white, and red. No. Red, blue, and white. No...
2018-10-15Can someone read these two early modern Greek words for me?
2018-10-14So-bad-they're-good movies (80s-90s preferred)
2018-09-30blink, blur, swipe, whirr
2018-09-291970s country music heartbreak
2018-09-27Help find a book: one's personality is written on the body
2018-09-17"top 20" style article about debating/discussing with men?
2018-09-15Help me know what I don't know about music
2018-07-03More Stories like So Much Cooking
2018-04-30Name of painter who painted in color layers, blue then red then yellow?
2018-04-27Accepted for a Master's degree. Now what?
2018-04-19What are the best stories on DailyScienceFiction.com?
2018-03-31Book Recs For Choosing College Major
2018-03-23Reading wuxia in English
2018-03-15Always confused about electronic music genres
2018-03-08Like The Golden Bough, but accurate
2018-03-08Like The Golden Bough, but accurate
2018-02-17Solo, analog / card / pencil+paper based distraction suggestions?
2018-02-09he who is not one up is one down
2018-02-07Help Me Fill Out My Cyberpunk Reading List
2018-01-31how to tread water while i wait for grad school
2018-01-23How do I enjoy a creative writing class?