Which comments by praemunire were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

2016-12-28How are professional movers paid?
2016-12-28State vs.Federal Programs
2016-12-23Flying without benzos
2016-12-23NYC lease with one working spouse
2016-12-21Best men's polo shirts that are not wildly pricey
2016-12-11Flame this tiny bit of hope
2016-12-02Privately Refinancing Federally Consolidated Student Loans?
2016-11-20DCA to BOS = Snow Tires?
2016-11-18Financial insurance reading recommendations
2016-11-09Competence Porn
2016-11-09Practical accounts of life and culture under oppression and turmoil?
2016-11-03How do late bloomers (40+) overcome sexual inexperience and find love?
2016-10-28NYC suggestions this weekend, 10/28 and 10/30
2016-10-25Desperate for relief from symptoms of Klonopin weaning/anxiety
2016-10-23Strategies for a fun, affordable large wedding in the midwest?
2016-10-18How do I get in touch with who approves block party permits in NYC?
2016-10-18Domestic crisis = time to reasses
2016-10-14Contract dispute - Need a gut check
2016-10-14Contract dispute - Need a gut check
2016-10-07Stay sexy, don't get murdered
2016-10-03State prosecuting attorney job review
2016-09-23The election is ruining my twitter feed
2016-09-21Sleeping on a full stomach - science or woo?
2016-09-12Book: Looking for two types of war memoir
2016-09-10Mom + bus trip + 74th birthday = what gift?
2016-09-08Books of Authority
2016-09-08Looking for perfect hybrid bag!
2016-09-06What does it look like when people stay in touch casually all the time?
2016-09-04How to deal with paralegal in small law firm
2016-09-04How to deal with paralegal in small law firm
2016-09-01Pain control methods for nerve and muscle pain?
2016-08-23Please don't drink in our home.
2016-08-19The 33 Year Old (quasi) Virgin
2016-08-18What is the benefit of projecting a modern movie on 35 or 70mm film?
2016-08-16Distinguishing right vs wrong vs right for me
2016-08-15Please help me stay true to myself
2016-08-08Seeking recommendations for intellectual history
2016-08-06What is the beneficial version of gentrification?
2016-08-04Novels with scenes set at performances?
2016-08-04Novels with scenes set at performances?
2016-08-03How do I use all this coconut milk and cardamom?
2016-08-03Third Party DVR that works with SlingTV?
2016-07-29Should I go on a trip with my relatively new partner?
2016-07-29Wanted: Seasoning hacks, vegetable edition
2016-07-29Is this bullying, if so what type, and what should I do?
2016-07-21La Vie En Rose-Colored Glasses
2016-07-19Can you suggest more music like this?
2016-07-18What does this sentence imply?
2016-07-16Should I keep my old journals?
2016-07-15well, you know, we all want to change the world
2016-07-10New Dog Walking Bag
2016-07-07Splitting royalties between co-authors on Amazon
2016-07-06Eclectic/quirky shopping in Boston
2016-07-05Should I throw it all into a dump truck or...
2016-07-05Should I throw it all into a dump truck or...
2016-06-21When a Sir Mix-A-Lot video extra goes to Wall Street
2016-06-18What's the best way to help homeless people in a camp near me
2016-06-17Should I take a big pay cut for a really compelling opportunity?
2016-06-17Looking for collections of interesting letters
2016-06-16Looking for collections of interesting letters
2016-06-14two weeks = nine months, to lawyer up or no?
2016-06-13My summer just fell apart
2016-06-11Please help me with my lovely Donkey Dog.
2016-06-09Sick & sexified exercise music videos
2016-06-09Sick & sexified exercise music videos
2016-06-08Help me minimize my card exposure
2016-06-02Penny wise and pound foolish?
2016-05-31Should I break up with him?
2016-05-30Friend in crisis – need advice
2016-05-27Why would someone lie about their age on a draft notice?
2016-05-24shelf-stable DIY cooking kits?
2016-05-20Scare my socks off!
2016-05-18Should She Be Playing with Me? (And More Newbie Dog Questions)
2016-05-15I wish to remain vanishing
2016-05-14What to do with old sweaters NYC
2016-05-08How can I deal with worsening panic issues?
2016-05-05My dog injured a friend's dog - what are my ethical responsibilities?
2016-05-02Good recent biographies or autobiographies (books preferred)?
2016-05-01Vacation locations with no cars, anywhere in the world?
2016-04-28I'm so close to trying a community solar provider, but need facts.
2016-04-24Pay off your credit card with a loan - good idea/bad idea?
2016-04-21How do I go about expert witnessing?
2016-04-20What is the weirdest book in the history of English literature?
2016-04-19London on a six-hour layover
2016-04-13Can you spot the "nonstandard gerund"?
2016-04-12Novels like scrapbooks
2016-04-08Do shareholder proxy fights ever end well?
2016-04-03What is a "MUST BUY" in London?
2016-04-02Is a divorce reported to the IRS?
2016-04-01Blah? Meh.
2016-03-22Genetic testing options BEFORE becoming pregnant?
2016-03-16Best outside OTA antenna for Boston Ma.
2016-03-08Novels Generously Seasoned with Hope
2016-03-04Which VanGuard fund is best for 2016?
2016-02-26Brunch recipes: pancakes, cinnamon buns, and muffins need not apply.
2016-02-25working with student with mental health issues--delusions of persecution
2016-02-24Consolidation loans for people with bad credit?