Which comments by praemunire were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-30What is a name for writing that communicates on two different levels?
2017-12-28What can I do to stop my life from spiralling further out of control?
2017-12-27Cutting ties with Wells Fargo
2017-12-23fancy ball-- what do?
2017-12-18Help a pregnant Jewish lady make a nice Christmas for her husband please
2017-12-11Turn left here, kids
2017-12-10Moving Parts: Family Obligations, Student Loans, and Holiday Wishes
2017-12-10Moving Parts: Family Obligations, Student Loans, and Holiday Wishes
2017-12-02Looking for something cool to do in a city not too far far away.
2017-11-29Why make a house a Home?
2017-11-28Even though my lease has ended, am I still on the hook?
2017-11-26How can I accept my decision not to give a relationship a chance?
2017-11-14How to cure health anxiety
2017-11-10Funny, quirky, earnest movies?
2017-11-10How does a stock price going up help a company after the IPO?
2017-11-01Can the landlord do this?
2017-10-29Pain Avoidance
2017-10-22Thanksgiving Day TV for cordcutters
2017-10-19Lots of women wear head coverings - can I?
2017-10-17Last $60 in Philadelphia
2017-10-16Can a house appraiser (US) use local asking prices as comps?
2017-10-15Is This Really How It's Gonna Be?
2017-10-14Best way to track expenses after losing our house
2017-10-13 Blockchain Use Cases
2017-10-10ISO earphone cord fix, or replacement
2017-10-02Small sights in Paris?
2017-10-01Where can I find a particular woman's jacket?
2017-10-01Wanted: tiny camera for great baby photos
2017-09-30Was I A Rebound?
2017-09-26I need an artichoke dipping sauce that isn't tons of butter or oil
2017-09-26Resources for getting enthused about a period of home-making?
2017-09-24How can I help my depressed friend? CAN I help him?
2017-09-16I need book recommendations for a teenager
2017-09-15Stupid Excel question...
2017-09-13It's easy: I have money, you have bills
2017-09-11Can I cancel a refi mortgage with USAA after I signed it today.
2017-09-06Henhouse, Meet Fox
2017-09-05What blogs / websites / columns are written from a fictional POV?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-08-31These shoes are made for walkin' (and standin')
2017-08-27Reverse Mortgage - Medicaid Dilemma
2017-08-25How to find a non-profit account and lawyer for cheap/free help?
2017-08-19Lewis Mumford - where to start?
2017-08-18New York Library or City Hall Filter
2017-08-17Is my dog depressed?
2017-08-13Looking for earbuds for travel
2017-08-07Is it rude not to pack my own groceries?
2017-08-07Tips for NYC (Brooklyn)
2017-08-02How do you move on from a friend breakup?
2017-08-01History in the present tense is making me tense
2017-07-24Music Recommendation Filter - Classical Dread
2017-07-20How do I keep my family fed and myself sane over 10 days of car camping?
2017-07-14How do I dog?
2017-07-11super brief flashes of light - go to doctor?
2017-07-11super brief flashes of light - go to doctor?
2017-07-07Looking for happy songs about how everything is terrible.
2017-07-06Student Loan Organization - Podcast Ad?
2017-07-05Big city job + Small town life?
2017-07-02How do I give my friend $ successfully?
2017-06-29Help me understand how American Community College works
2017-06-23Cheese by Post
2017-06-22How to prepare for a big meeting?
2017-06-15After a breakup, songs of hope for the future
2017-06-14How to stop feeling guilty about estranging myself from my mom
2017-06-13How can I become more sex positive and embrace sexuality after trauma?
2017-06-13Redman wept.
2017-06-10Where should we eat after seeing Hamilton?
2017-06-06Fenway from Seaport with limited mobility tourist
2017-06-05Europe travel pit-stop.
2017-06-02Airbnb for the disabled?
2017-05-24Taro, Purple Root: Sweet Recipes?
2017-05-18What to do in Munich
2017-05-13Routes to help with Verizon other than BBB
2017-05-13Should my friend accept this class action settlement?
2017-05-13it's Shakespeare! It's explicit erotica! New Shimmer is both!!!
2017-05-08Book recommendations for extended travel in southeast Europe
2017-05-07just take my money
2017-05-05Songs about how much fun it is to sin
2017-05-02Provide ideas to prevent employees from taking advantage of free lunch
2017-04-27LawyerFilter: USA-based agency with client in Canada - contract question
2017-04-27Porn style sex- dealbreaker?
2017-04-27Lost and Safe
2017-04-26What were the purposes and pitfalls of introductions a century ago?
2017-04-26What were the purposes and pitfalls of introductions a century ago?
2017-04-15What kind of doctor should I see?
2017-04-14In need of a book to be obsessed with
2017-04-09How can I stop my fight-or-flight about doing work from ruining my life?
2017-04-08Accepting help in a time of need
2017-04-075AM-4PM at JFK Airport.. What to do?
2017-04-07Electronics protection plans, are they worth it?
2017-04-06Simplify my work tops, dressy jeans edition
2017-04-03why are bureaucracies bloated?
2017-03-29I have to pay quarterly taxes - now what? (US)
2017-03-29If I leave my company before the end of the year, do I owe them for FSA
2017-03-29Where to eat/what to do in Iceland?
2017-03-26Can one say 'Babylonian Encyclopedia' in Latin?
2017-03-25NYC Packers then Movers
2017-03-20What do submarines have to do with anything?
2017-03-17Who to inform about online business not requiring authorization?
2017-03-15Comics or exciting stories for a five year old
2017-03-15Comics or exciting stories for a five year old
2017-03-13Help finding lost dog in unfamiliar rural area
2017-03-12Trying to get a receiver to work with smart TV
2017-03-12I fell for a scam, how can I get over it?
2017-03-03Can my employer make me sign their social justice manifesto?
2017-02-15Gramercy Park: Worth spending $380 plus for a hotel room to get access?
2017-01-30International Finance : What currency for large international debts?
2017-01-30Volunteer as Arabic translator at Dulles
2017-01-27Long distance second opinions
2017-01-26History of Affordable Housing in US States
2017-01-17Working with the elderly. A life for me?
2017-01-13Help me understand imputed income for a domestic partner's insurance
2017-01-13Help me understand imputed income for a domestic partner's insurance
2017-01-09Remedial Maths for IRA Calculation
2017-01-06Obtaining a restraining order in Massachusetts