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2018-12-25Is an email agreement enough to end a lease?
2018-12-23Resources for a future lawyer
2018-12-23Resources for a future lawyer
2018-12-15What's the song they're playing in this video?
2018-12-15Recommend some recentish good reads?
2018-12-11High stress and apartment decisions!
2018-12-11Favorite Brand Of Opaque Tights?
2018-12-05What home maintenance do you, a long-term renter, do yourself?
2018-11-30In love and (at) war
2018-11-29Looking for tools to solve a minor personal finance question.
2018-11-28Looking for ideas for a raffle basket
2018-11-28Best yarn and pattern for knitting a shawl for hospital wear
2018-11-23Wording for a Will on percentage distributions
2018-11-18Should I go to counseling with my mother?
2018-11-15What to use to care for my skin?
2018-11-15What to use to care for my skin?
2018-11-15This sure ain't helping with the moving stress
2018-11-11catharsis or waste of time?
2018-11-09Your favorite recent streaming documentaries?
2018-11-01omg pls vote k thx bye
2018-11-01"We are fucked in the following specific ways but probably no fuckeder"
2018-10-25Help me take more care with my appearance
2018-10-25why is this happening
2018-10-25Anxiety about a job I messed up at, because of anxiety
2018-10-18Activist Resources On De-Escalating Interactions With Police?
2018-10-09Why won't my OTA antenna work?
2018-10-09who owns my words?
2018-10-08LegalFilter Family Farm Edition - Should I waive my timelimited option?
2018-10-08Showing solidarity with striking workers
2018-10-03In this case, I think it is indeed legit to quit
2018-10-02Knitting ?: keepin' it flat
2018-09-23[Bugfilter] Identify larvae(?) in clothing storage?
2018-09-21How do I get an offensive advertisement taken down at my local mall?
2018-09-11Wow that was rude.
2018-09-10I don't want candy....
2018-09-07What should I do for mom after an IRS phone scam?
2018-09-07secret knowledge to buying a co-op in New York (not Manhattan)?
2018-08-31Background check on rapist - if and how
2018-08-24Books about life on pharmaceuticals
2018-08-21Recipes for a great sauce with really concentrated flavours.
2018-08-18Downsizing and computers
2018-08-13What would you do if you knew your friend was having an affair?
2018-08-09Henry James quote. Bogus or legit?
2018-08-06Future Imperfect
2018-08-05How to be taken seriously as a professional while networking
2018-08-02Mood swings in my relationship
2018-08-01Depression and expressing anger
2018-08-01What's it like being an artist's assistant?
2018-07-24Seeking women doing pull-ups or chin-ups in movies and television shows
2018-07-17Renting an apartment in New York with mixed credit
2018-07-17Renting an apartment in New York with mixed credit
2018-07-17Helping someone overcome class shame
2018-07-12Moving to NYC! From Toronto!
2018-07-12Worried about my sick father in another state...
2018-07-12Help me decide whether to pay a broker's fee
2018-07-01When scary things happen, look for the helpers
2018-06-30When Shoulds are no Good
2018-06-29Cheerful but not upbeat
2018-06-27Is my mom being scammed, and if so what can I do about it?
2018-06-27Me, a cabin, some nature, and .... ?
2018-06-19I need books and games that scratch my itch for improvement
2018-06-18Options to expedite delivery of a US passport whilst abroad
2018-06-15Indecisiveness and a new job
2018-06-12Help us name a new kitty!
2018-06-06Pomp & Circumstance is covered
2018-06-02How Bureaucracy Works, The Show
2018-05-25Health insurance bait and switch--any recourse?
2018-05-23I want to learn about how finance works. Books? Podcasts?
2018-05-22What does this symbol look like to you?
2018-05-19Finding meaning outside infertility
2018-05-14Returning to Philosophy
2018-05-14Lease ended, now on month-to-month; how to negotiate for a lease? (NY)
2018-05-14Lease ended, now on month-to-month; how to negotiate for a lease? (NY)
2018-05-12question about co-op fees for Queens, NY cooperative apartments
2018-05-12Novels about contemporary immigrant / refugee / expat experiences
2018-05-11Being single in your mid-to-late 30s – positive stories?
2018-05-10Selling Paper Stock Certificates
2018-04-30Emergency gift in San Francisco needed
2018-04-26What's the universal remote control of choice these days?
2018-04-24Dumped a good friend, want general advice / thoughts
2018-04-20Proposal locations in Paris or London?
2018-04-19Help me headbang
2018-04-17Help me come up with vegetarian make-ahead breakfast ideas?
2018-04-14Icelandic language History and Culture
2018-04-08What prison will Martin Shkreli serve his sentence in?
2018-04-05Help me present info at work that contradicts the work of others
2018-04-04MOAR decadent vegan recipes, please!
2018-04-03Help me survive my students
2018-04-01Filing a complaint against a business in Indiana.
2018-03-28Friends w/ kids will visit for a week. I have no kids. How do I prep?
2018-03-23So... are we just supposed to wait until he hits rock bottom?
2018-03-21What's the most useful crafted item you've ever made and/or received?
2018-03-21My two-year-old dog has started barking at random strangers
2018-03-19This is doomed, yes?
2018-03-19Supporting friend during a "reset" stay away from abusive relationship
2018-03-18What to do with ancient uncashed checks?
2018-03-16Need fun late-1970s flavor
2018-03-16Have face. Now what?
2018-03-16How much of this debt do I need to pay?
2018-03-14How to shoe in spring and summer?
2018-03-08I'm going to NYC, so tell me what to NY-See.
2018-02-27Ideas for how to help a relative whose tool-filled van was stolen.
2018-02-26Weird pointless phone scam?
2018-02-21Help me translate a German doctor's bill from 1962
2018-02-21Help me translate a German doctor's bill from 1962
2018-02-21Help me translate a German doctor's bill from 1962
2018-02-21Help me translate a German doctor's bill from 1962
2018-02-18What to do when a tenant says they have bed bugs?
2018-02-18Is this grammatical?
2018-02-14Teen anger - how to diffuse?
2018-02-12Learning to love the spreadsheet
2018-02-12Shiftwork + marriage = dealbreaker?
2018-02-02Bright/sunny/colourful TV, films and games?
2018-02-02What's vegetarian for "This is a special family celebration?"
2018-01-31A month with no kitchen - your best microwave survival tips?
2018-01-31Capitalism As an Emotional Trigger - Book Recommendations?
2018-01-30Do people care about Phi Beta Kappa?
2018-01-24Now extended through [date]!
2018-01-24What are you favorite satisfying activities or habits?
2018-01-23Music Licensing: Who signs first? The Licensor or the Licensee?
2018-01-22ChicagoLawyerFilter: Recommendation edition
2018-01-20the aftermath
2018-01-20the aftermath
2018-01-18I'd like some Wensleydale cheese, please.
2018-01-16How to handle my reactions to a 18yo niece while she's here on vacation?
2018-01-12Sexually assaulted by a friend. How to make her understand how I feel?
2018-01-10Calling all Chenille connoisseurs, cat owners, and knitters!
2018-01-10Help me apply to grad school
2018-01-08Online dating, I ask him for coffee, he agrees, then brings up psychosis
2018-01-05How to respond to a minor stupid aspect of the patriarchy?
2018-01-05Should I Be Worried? - Legal advice for small business
2018-01-02Where should I move: cheap with ocean edition