Which comments by praemunire were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

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2021-10-01Cost/Benefit of United Club Pass
2021-09-23COVID travel, this time, Amtrak NE Corridor
2021-09-23COVID travel, this time, Amtrak NE Corridor
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2021-09-14Grammar nerds, please halp!
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2021-06-06Advice for a stupid broken heart
2021-05-20Translating the 1930's Latin and Dutch of an Escher emblematum...
2021-05-17Help me plan my weekend!
2021-05-17Help me plan my weekend!
2021-05-14Portland - outside activity for adults with limited mobility?
2021-05-12Activity Ideas Besides Talking for One-on-One Zooms
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2021-04-19Songs that are about a song of the same name
2021-04-13How can I recreate a relaxing fancy hotel stay but at home?
2021-04-07Vaccines and communicability.
2021-04-07Vaccines and communicability.
2021-03-26Settlement insurance
2021-03-23Covid19 and friendships
2021-03-18"How can I ""scrape"" some stats for NY Appellate Division orders?"
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