Which comments by helloimjennsco were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-21I wanted a demotion, but I guess I didn't?
2017-10-30I just broke up with my boyfriend, and am feeling really down about it.
2017-10-02Songs from horror(ish) movies that are not, themselves, 'spooky'?
2017-09-21Quotes about implementation
2017-09-15Recycling/re-using the contents of airline amenity kits?
2017-09-07How does an ad agency producer [digital] get flexible remote work?
2017-09-01Strange interview experience
2017-08-22How do I get my landlord to stop fixing stuff??
2017-08-22Eliot Waugh is my favorite
2017-08-22Eliot Waugh is my favorite
2017-08-22Help me get out of temping and into data analysis?
2017-08-11Should I contact my ex-husband to say the things I never said?
2017-08-02The Ten Essentials of College, 2017 Edition
2017-07-27Somebody please help me focus
2017-07-19Boyfriend seeks to make amends but can I really trust him?
2017-07-17Black heroes with white sidekicks
2017-07-14Help me do social media right for my handmade jewelry?
2017-07-11How do you handle an intrusive ex boyfriend?
2017-07-11Organizational tips for people who spin plates while wearing many hats?
2017-07-05Help me understand how American Community College works
2017-07-05Good, recent horror non-fiction?
2017-06-23Small bathroom: should I just give up on a separate bath and shower?
2017-06-20Should I enroll in design boot camp?
2017-06-13Narrative, not-chatty audiobook/podcast suggestions
2017-06-07Is General Assembly's Digital Marketing course worth it?
2017-05-02Business Instagram and Personal Facebook - can they play nice?
2017-04-25What made you feel confident again?
2017-04-17I want you to want me.
2017-03-22Name my blog, please!
2017-03-20How do I get people to respect me and how do I stop being resentful?
2017-02-15Fun random tables for a junior D&Der?
2017-01-20Hawaii With Limits
2017-01-09The revolution will be sung, not televised