Which comments by mishafletch were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

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2018-12-15can’t figure out logical way to approach health insurance decision
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2018-07-31Stopgap options for getting an antidepressant without waiting a month?
2018-07-16Difficult friend situation
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2018-05-02Ask bread-afilter: is a lame worth the money?
2018-04-29What’s the deal with Screentime and babies
2018-04-27Making a house feel like home, literary edition
2018-04-15Andouille, use or freeze by a month ago. Can I eat it?
2018-03-19Private chat system for 2 writers
2018-01-31A month with no kitchen - your best microwave survival tips?
2018-01-30Suggest me some songs for a male + female + guitar duo!
2018-01-26Bra Hack?