Which comments by XMLicious were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2018?

2018-11-05Why do locator maps on Wikipedia pages go blank when enlarged?
2018-11-03What do I do with a 25 pound box of haddock fillets?
2018-10-27How do I homeowner?
2018-10-27How do I homeowner?
2018-10-24Helping a high schooler with organization skills
2018-10-02What simple Android app are you missing?
2018-09-30Do you think should I leave my mom's side of the family?
2018-09-27MS Word + Booklet Template + Inserting Pages = HELP ME CLIPPY!
2018-09-26How do I stop my "chub rub" wearing holes between trouser thighs?
2018-08-02Why have people uploaded our old website to our old domain?
2018-07-27No interest in food except thin liquids. Help!
2018-07-20Is it lupus?
2018-07-20Is it lupus?
2018-06-21A Remote Possibility
2018-06-13Something for the late-in-life guitarist, or a goof present?
2018-06-12Collaborative photo metadata editing?
2018-05-21Help me feed a 9 year old with very specific food exclusions
2018-05-03Should I eat these?
2018-04-30A website builder that handles long pages better than Squarespace does
2018-04-19Thai TV in the USA?
2018-03-30Computers and Irrational Numbers
2018-03-20Faring well in the Faroe Islands
2018-03-12How do women flirt to get what they want in NON romantic settings?
2018-02-25Who fears changing technology, and what can you do about it?
2018-01-02Restricting food budget