Which comments by lazuli were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2016?

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2016-09-02Why does being mixed-race mean double the rejection?
2016-08-30Certificate of health for the chronically misdiagnosed
2016-08-13Never seen cheese sweat before
2016-08-11Mary Matalin and James Carville--Not Schwarzenegger and Shriver
2016-08-10How do I apply for a job, when the last time I did I was assaulted?
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2016-07-28What Kind of Therapy Schedule Should I Expect with a Therapist
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2016-07-14How to do myself justice on the MENSA IQ test?
2016-07-07We are not a flophouse
2016-07-03how do couples argue successfully?
2016-07-02Wine - white - VERY VERY DRY. Wanted!
2016-06-22Snappy comebacks for when people joke about my name
2016-06-21You can't make me! o(>< )o
2016-06-21You can't make me! o(>< )o
2016-06-17Name not on the invite, but 99% sure I am invited to the wedding...
2016-06-04Therapy options for the geography- and internet-challenged
2016-05-29Tuscany on the Russian River?
2016-05-27Change your attachment style
2016-05-20How to work efficiently with Italians?
2016-05-20How to work efficiently with Italians?
2016-05-20How can you tell if you're being manipulative?
2016-05-17Why are single-occupancy bathrooms segregated by gender?
2016-05-15Another Round of Name Those Cats
2016-05-14[Jazz Filter] I like these, and I want more of these.
2016-05-12Is it me, is it him, and is this worth it?
2016-05-09Help me help my mother
2016-05-08Help me help my mother
2016-04-22Will sedating my cats before taking my cats on a plane stress them out?
2016-04-09Respecting religious differences in emotionally charged conversations?
2016-04-09Respecting religious differences in emotionally charged conversations?
2016-04-09Good/bad idea: going to our friends' wedding a week before our own?
2016-04-04recommend workbooks for an older woman to fight depression and anxiety.
2016-03-27How do people avoid burnout?