Which comments by lazuli were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-10-31What is gratitude?
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2019-10-18Should I eat it: open freezer edition
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2019-07-10Surprise bill from California ambulance ride
2019-07-09Surprise bill from California ambulance ride
2019-06-21(TW Sexual Assault) Disturbing Content/Discussion at Writers' Group
2019-04-28Online psychotherapy within US
2019-04-06How to deal when people reflexively "Well, On The Bright Side…" me?
2019-04-05Am I going to run out of commas before I finish this proofread?
2019-03-30What am I supposed to be doing in therapy?
2019-03-29Changing from grandparenting mindset to parenting mindset; ground rules?
2019-03-29Stumped by business jargon
2019-03-10What are the best practices for tackling perfectionism in young girls?
2019-02-13Can I eat this? Boiled chicken edition
2019-01-22Dating someone with severe anxiety...control issues.
2019-01-15A post-breakup text fight, for when things aren’t quite bad enough
2019-01-09Never got kicked out of health plan from old job. Should I do anything?