Which comments by Autumnheart were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

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2017-09-03Cold Brew Coffee for the Lazy?
2017-09-01What is worth paying a *little* more for?
2017-08-14Olive + tea tree oil: what else can I do with it?
2017-08-10Should I contact my ex-husband to say the things I never said?
2017-08-08this is seriously destroying my life
2017-08-03Anxiety about not knowing the path forward to becoming a UX Designer.
2017-07-29Design my life for a week?
2017-07-27Your favorite sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner
2017-07-22Things you were never told about approaching 50
2017-07-19Need ideas for a non-pointy wizard hat
2017-07-19Should I buy a haven in case of climate change?
2017-04-29Is this guy expecting something similar to what I am?
2017-04-28Cheap home audio
2017-04-27Can C25K coexist with 0-100 Squats?
2017-04-27Explain FaceBook to me like I am five
2017-04-19Friend needs help with a peculiar rental situation.
2017-02-07Places with four distinct seasons?
2017-02-01Feeding a hungry crowd with food restrictions
2017-01-06Come on baby, don't fear the nice guy?