Which comments by Autumnheart were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-09-22Should I date guys who I don’t think are hot?
2019-09-21Should I date guys who I don’t think are hot?
2019-09-21Help me autumn the eff out of autumn
2019-08-12Wife and I are moving to first house in September. Looking for advice!
2019-07-24Breakup with complicating factors--can you help me plan?
2019-07-13Was I right to break up?
2019-06-16What was up with this egg?
2019-06-05Managing up multiplied
2019-05-31How and why should I go back to school?
2019-05-18Workplace Celebration Food Ideas
2019-04-03How long does the Apple Store take to replace a MBP battery?
2019-03-06What team management/coordination software is right for me?
2019-03-03Should I have sex with him? ( xxx subject matter)
2019-02-09Kittens 101
2019-02-09Kittens 101
2019-02-07Can I eat this?: 10 hr melted ice cream
2019-02-07Celebrity White Dress Identification
2019-02-07Help me fatten my beloved
2019-02-07Help me fatten my beloved
2019-02-04Risk averse parents who use emotional blackmail
2019-01-05Decorating a long, narrow bedroom
2019-01-04Help for new Mac user