Which comments by so fucking future were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-28Let there be electrolyte
2017-10-31println("this is pretty");
2017-09-23Help me step up my vodka infusing game!
2017-09-19Which Lil Wayne documentary should I watch?
2017-07-01Please don't say "the Internet"
2017-06-21How to fit three circles into a ball?
2017-06-16Best strategy for carpet cleaning?
2017-05-22Engagement gift? What fresh hell is this?
2017-05-09The scarlet letter G(PA)
2017-04-28Should I get my phone replaced by insurance?
2017-04-11Packaging scripts for linux distribution
2017-04-08What was this TV show?
2017-04-07Hungry hip hop
2017-04-07Hungry hip hop
2017-03-01How do I do professional email?
2017-01-12What do I tell the (flunkies of) representatives that I call?
2017-01-04Because Green isn't a flavor.
2017-01-02Participant Disclosure Document (Return of the Job from Hell)