Which comments by gideonfrog were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-09Fun sciency things for stocking presents?
2020-12-07Board game type gift for large family with small children
2020-12-07Help me retire
2020-12-05Watch acting behind the scenes
2020-12-02"Watching ""30 Rock"" on Hulu: Why was Carrie Fisher's line changed? "
2020-11-04How do I share my atypical managerial experience in a job application?
2020-10-25Novels about children meeting their grandparents as young people
2020-09-23Procedural shows without cops and murder
2020-09-20What do you say when someone dies? Estranged/bad relationship edition.
2020-08-26More housemate problems...
2020-08-15What's after the Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon
2020-08-05Shelter-in-place cooking, meatloaf edition
2020-08-03a writing dilemma
2020-07-30Don't do it if you can't do it right
2020-07-30Off with his (talking) head
2020-07-14Interesting uses for Concord grapes?
2020-07-12envelope full of covid
2020-06-23Can you say that last part one more time?
2020-06-22Need accountability system to get off my ass!
2020-06-06What should I do with all these veggie-sausage breakfast patties?
2020-05-02Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
2020-04-29Book rec: Magic, female protagonist discovering her power
2020-04-25Prestige tv with no violence and no death??
2020-04-17Chapter books with illustrations on every page?
2020-04-15What are the epidemiological side effects of mass social distancing?
2020-04-06Boundaries & Feedback in the Time of COVID
2020-03-17"Food storage: the mythical ""cool, dark place"""
2020-03-15Should I go? Overdue IUD removal vs. coronavirus
2020-03-15Go or Cancel - important medical appt. tomorrow
2020-03-05e-invites for 5-yr-old birthday - do we send to both parents? How?
2020-02-24How much responsibility do I have toward my tennis instructor?
2020-02-17Solar power or home repairs?
2020-02-14Describe the experience of disliking a work of art
2020-01-14Satirical parody of The Internationale
2020-01-14Satirical parody of The Internationale