Which comments by SaltySalticid were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2017?

2017-12-28give me your best casserole recipes!
2017-12-27Seeking book suggestions for Read Harder 2018 challenge.
2017-12-23fancy ball-- what do?
2017-12-20Exercise routine using chores. Eg. Cleaning the shower is squats
2017-12-17Good apps for kids
2017-12-08Types of "Themed" magic for sorcerers
2017-12-07I think my succulent hit puberty (plantfilter)
2017-12-01What are other words that are both birds and non-birds?
2017-11-29How do you dig out a slope while controlling the spill?
2017-11-28More biological learning systems?
2017-11-26What is the most common type of Christmas dinner in America?
2017-11-25Seed pod or alien life form?
2017-11-25Seed pod or alien life form?
2017-11-17What part of speech are mathematic operands?
2017-11-16Need recipe for sweet potato pie -- with no added sweetener
2017-11-14Help me get started making music with synths!
2017-11-09Neurological/Health Benefits In Tying Unseen Knots?
2017-11-06Which MIDI-USB cable do I need?
2017-11-06Which MIDI-USB cable do I need?
2017-11-05Feed my Family: Complicated Vegan/Keto Meal
2017-10-30Clever commitment contracts for personal life
2017-10-21Fancy Fall Food
2017-10-18Can I Eat This: Soup avec Drainplug
2017-10-18Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. Me too. ENOUGH.
2017-10-17How can I paint or Dye a Piece of Bleached Coral?
2017-10-14What do I do with an enormous wooden cradle?
2017-10-12Energy efficient bulb cracked inside fixture?
2017-10-12Need telescope recommendations for kids, please!
2017-10-10Drummer needs portable stu-stu-studio
2017-10-09I want to eat all the best things without cooking or leaving my home.
2017-10-02Spiritual newbie: "how do I identify enlightened masters?"
2017-10-02What PS4 games would a kindergarten-aged kid like to watch?
2017-09-26When toothpicks and marshmallows just won't do
2017-09-23raw quinoa quandary
2017-09-20When would it be possible to completely lose a sense of rhythm?
2017-09-19Weather phenomena, delusional edition...
2017-09-19Why Do Wounds Itch as they Heal?
2017-09-03False depiction of guns in movies and shows
2017-08-23Give me greasy music, please
2017-08-20Rapping 4 Kids
2017-08-20Rapping 4 Kids
2017-08-20Gifting a tree
2017-08-19What are these spherical nest looking things on power lines in Mexico?
2017-08-19Invasion of the Roaches
2017-08-17Is This Bathroom Occupied?
2017-08-15Getting from zero to USB MIDI in as few steps as possible
2017-08-12My Euphorbia has fallen and it can't get up
2017-08-11My Euphorbia has fallen and it can't get up
2017-08-08A buttercup plant: Japanese library edition. Tell me more, please.
2017-08-07The (false) belief that climate change causes weather
2017-08-07Talk me down from buying all the things
2017-08-02Re-learning piano as a grown-up
2017-07-29Compiling Playlist of songs to wail to...?
2017-07-27help brightening up yesterday's fish stew
2017-07-27Somebody please help me focus
2017-07-26A question about pickling okra
2017-07-13detailed information on Lynn Margulis' biography?
2017-07-07Iberico ham in a city apartment
2017-07-04My dog bit me -- ER or no?
2017-06-30"Am I going to die?" "Probably not, but I wouldn't bet my life on it."
2017-06-21Illustration trapped on Inkscape
2017-06-19To Kill or Not to Kill Hornets
2017-06-16What is this tiny but menacing bug?
2017-06-15Rice cooker recipe request
2017-06-13Is Yoshi a Koopa?
2017-06-12What to wear on a whale watch?
2017-06-07Advise for DIY outdoor stone step project I'm about to start.
2017-05-30How does an acoustic megaphone work?
2017-05-30How does an acoustic megaphone work?
2017-05-28Was the relative minor scale 'discovered' or 'created'?
2017-05-27From rockets to rickets?
2017-05-23Plant experts...Help save my "child"
2017-05-23MeSH term logical grouping?
2017-05-17Help me identify these bugs in our bathtub.
2017-05-12Long-lasting baked goods: peach + mint version
2017-05-02Is this serious because emergency didn't think so?
2017-05-01What's some simple DJ software for iPad?
2017-04-19What to do-teen pot smoking edition
2017-04-18Best books/resources for learning audio programming
2017-04-13I want you to want me.
2017-04-02Why does My Cat Mr. Chubs Squawk When I Sneeze (serious question)
2017-03-28What exotic fruits can I plant?
2017-03-27High Quality Ropes
2017-03-27High Quality Ropes
2017-03-27High Quality Ropes
2017-03-21Short story where silences are represented with unicode symbols?
2017-03-19How do I say "stay away" in dog-speak?
2017-03-11Open meadows in the East Bay?
2017-03-07CAN I eat it: canned garbanzo beans edition
2017-03-06Out of the blue: how creepy is that?
2017-03-04Driverless cars.
2017-03-03Floating islands trope examples?
2017-02-25Just got a steamer/fryer; recipes wanted!
2017-02-24Creating simple beats in GarageBand
2017-02-21Large Breaks During Work
2017-02-19Online academic resources
2017-01-22Just starting college/uni search. Give me your wisdom....
2017-01-13how to ask someone if they're expecting to host you
2017-01-10Pimp my (sweet) potato, please
2017-01-05How did you our people you know learn to not be racist and xenophobic?
2017-01-03Is Taiwan Basil the same as Thai Basil?