Which comments by SaltySalticid were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-23Pulsing noise in the walls
2020-12-22A little oontz oontz, a little funk
2020-12-13YA girl soldier genre
2020-12-08how can I get less annoying ads fed to me on youtube?
2020-12-07Getting deep sleep
2020-12-03Simple physical music
2020-11-26Jarred fruit mince expired. Can I still use it?
2020-11-24Re-bottling very viscous hair conditioner
2020-11-16soup for my family - can I eat it?
2020-11-09Got any hot drinks you enjoy with salty snacks?
2020-11-08ISO a blueberry muffin recipe and corollary food science explanation
2020-11-03Can I eat this bread pudding?
2020-11-03Science magazines for layperson
2020-10-28Exercise bike mod
2020-10-27Is there something about Modes for the guitar/bass that I'm missing?
2020-10-23Just ten thousand reflections of my own sweet self
2020-10-22Family distancing in a time of Coronavirus
2020-10-20Salux on a stick
2020-09-16Recommend new games for me! Difficulty level: no time
2020-09-15Trees/plants to mitigate standing water in yard after heavy rain
2020-09-04How can I paint a dragon?
2020-09-03Baby dracaena?
2020-08-21Wonton soup tonight
2020-07-31Please help me remain un-stung in my lovely hammock!
2020-07-30Don't do it if you can't do it right
2020-07-30Is there a logical reason for closing window blinds in a condo?
2020-07-18Instrumentals that mimic their own titles
2020-06-30am i being unreasonable?
2020-06-29i wanna learn piano on my own terms
2020-06-28i wanna learn piano on my own terms
2020-06-25East/West cultural difference with regard to masks?
2020-06-23Apparently I really don't understand UV light
2020-06-21It sort of looks like a coral reef, but not underwater.
2020-06-16Wasp or Hornet or Something Else?
2020-06-16Wasp or Hornet or Something Else?
2020-06-14Pruning a schefflera
2020-06-04Lesser known swimming hole near charlottesville
2020-06-03Question Regarding Reporting on Global Warming or Cooling
2020-05-27Let's get demonic.
2020-05-11Can anyone tell what's eating my plants?
2020-05-09Your favorite heists!
2020-04-28id ghostlouse bug
2020-04-28id ghostlouse bug
2020-04-22Carrots and celery and parsley, oh my!
2020-04-19Messy but sterile
2020-04-17Chapter books with illustrations on every page?
2020-04-16Plant ID - Am I growing nettles?
2020-04-15What material should I pick if I don't want my bathroom counter to dye?
2020-04-15Can I reuse potting soil infused with old root hairs?
2020-04-10Can I eat this: Mariano's via InstaCart ground beef (time sensitive)
2020-04-09Will I like a rotary lawn mower?
2020-03-27Easyish 2-Player XBox 360 Games
2020-03-26What are these little tiny bug-like things in my freshwater aquarium?
2020-03-23Covid response for programmers and technologists.
2020-03-16Looking for quote about caution/paranoia in virusspreading
2020-03-04Another would you eat this question - chicken soup edition
2020-02-09At-home coffee makers
2020-02-09At-home coffee makers
2020-02-03How sure are we of pre-mechanized army sizes?
2020-02-03Spice cabinet or compost?
2020-01-25Janome JD 1818 sewing machine?
2020-01-24Just My Car or what does JMC stand for?
2020-01-17Tastiest. Decluttering mission. Ever.