Which comments by SaltySalticid were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2021?

2021-12-06For various book genres, what really upsets their readers?
2021-12-03Physics/Biology/Chemistry equivalent to 'lock-in'?
2021-11-05Music terminology help
2021-10-18Talking with teenagers about existential angst
2021-10-09Help entertain a 15 month old on a 5hr plane ride
2021-10-07How to prepare a peed-upon subfloor
2021-10-04Spider dude, Spider dude
2021-08-26the magical fruit
2021-08-18Standup mylar pouches
2021-08-12How rate home insurance companies?
2021-08-01Soaked chickpeas, left on baking sheet overnight to dry…
2021-07-20How to prioritize home improvements?
2021-07-12Would you repurpose this wedding band?
2021-07-10When should you write the subject line of an email?
2021-07-08Software to generate levers
2021-07-05Guitar music with string fingering noise?
2021-05-19Hand is tender; should I be concerned?
2021-05-11a low stakes question about looking in a bird's nest.
2021-05-07What is this red and black bug on my avocado tree leaf?
2021-04-17Cat licking himself during zoomies
2021-04-12How to care for a baby alligator lizard overnight?
2021-04-05Best program(s) for a complete beginner to compose music?
2021-03-19COVID shot and scars
2021-02-28Fun uses for a NAS?
2021-02-28Webcomic that isn't Order of the Stick. Is it?
2021-02-24Best summer spot for possible snowbirding
2021-02-08So. Much. Brisket...
2021-02-06Looking for gender netural terms
2021-02-06What good is a story without any things I can picture and illustrate?
2021-02-05How do I learn to sound less angry?
2021-01-31Onion-free substitute for cream soups in casseroles
2021-01-26Help with home security
2021-01-25What Bands Now Have That Killer 60's-70's Bubblegum/Power Pop Sound?
2021-01-21Signal as an adjective and its pairings
2021-01-19Is there a substance that remains liquid over a wide range of pressure?
2021-01-14Lowering blood pressure without medication
2021-01-10What is happening with my vintage flatware?
2021-01-10Epic comics alternatives to Tintin or Amulet for younger readers?
2021-01-10Filling out Doc Martens heels
2021-01-03Can I eat this? Room temperature pork edition
2021-01-02Looking for more kind TV