Which comments by dbx were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

2020-12-30How can I have a social trivia experience on the internet?
2020-12-12Please recommend a high-quality USB-C monitor
2020-11-01What is the warmest thin under a hoodie top when I exercise outside?
2020-10-27Cheapest way to embed ~1gb video on website quarterly? Whatʻs best size?
2020-08-15What would you ask Elizabeth Warren?
2020-07-10Looking for a magician/comedy clip
2020-07-07Hand sanitizer keychain that I can order online?
2020-07-04Homework iPads, Surface, devices oh my!
2020-06-19What did you find most helpful in learning Python?
2020-05-04More of a belly-itcher than a pitcher, really
2020-04-01Does a runny nose mean I've failed at social distancing?
2020-02-24Remote Software where No Security Code or Clicking Allow is needed?
2020-01-30"5. Doesn't rhyme with ""lavachipped"""