Which comments by brook horse were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2019?

2019-12-12Newly diagnosed adult with ADHD...I think.
2019-12-02Books to beat the holiday blues
2019-11-30help me buy less stuff
2019-11-05Children's classics. Difficulty level: non-racist
2019-10-23Task manager that's a scheduler!
2019-10-06How can I put this survey online without programming?
2019-10-04"""Neutronyms"" for words referring to the past or future"
2019-08-14What's in your bag - at a museum?
2019-08-13I want to make my character seriously ill. What with?
2019-07-01What's the right computer/tablet for a 16-year-old future animator?
2019-06-122 cars - 1 car = 1 car
2019-05-31Intersectional Fantasy Novels?
2019-05-23RPGs to play on Nintendo Switch for an 11 year old?
2019-05-22Motivation to save small amounts of money when goal feels huge?
2019-05-22What's the term for this kind of picture?
2019-05-083.86 million words between two covers?
2019-03-15Switch RPG Recommendation
2019-01-13Help me improve my executive function.