Which comments by brook horse were best answers in Ask MetaFilter during 2020?

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2020-12-13YA girl soldier genre
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2020-06-26can anyone help me identify these character stickers?
2020-06-18Should I stay in a vacation house during a time of covid uncertainty?
2020-06-08Wrestling with Racists and White Fragility
2020-05-27What is my decor style? Do I have one? Please give me inspiration.
2020-05-14Discord for preteen?
2020-05-14Discord for preteen?
2020-05-09Breaking Up The Routine
2020-05-07Fun letters/packages to nieces?
2020-05-05Susan and Lipstick
2020-04-27Graduation Gift for New PhD Moving Internationally
2020-04-09Stay at home and get food delivered, or go out so others can stay in?
2020-04-09Getting to the bottom of my fatigue
2020-02-16How to vegetarian, small appetite edition
2020-02-10Distinguishing different kinds of deadlines in to-do apps
2020-01-28Help me like a food I can't stand!